never seen or hurd of this before ever!

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    my one purple widow plant has been growing single finger leaves for awhile with tons and tons of hairs all in 20 hours of light. it is growing sooo many pre-flowers that it looks like if it is in flowering. also as i looked closer, i can see wht it looks like the start of trichomes growing so i pulled out my 60x 420 scope and it sure is growing trichs. i dont kno how this can happen, but i already cloned tht plant and now the clones are growing single finger leaves. the other purple widow plant is growing normally with 2 hairs per node, while the other is growing, i would say 6 hairs per node or something or maybe even more.

    thanks. also everything is normal with the climate. ph is fine, temps are fine, light is fine, soil if FFOF and feeding foxfarm nutrients. the plant is showing no signs of deficiency.

    you can see the pictures in my grow...
  2. sounds like you have some sort of Ruderalis throw back.. some strains do have a tendency to auto flower.. like the original AK47, a very small number would autoflower on occasions , that is why it was used to stabilize the "lowryders' when they first came out.

    hope that helps
  3. thts weird man haha dam but its purple widow, well atleast thts wht the package was.
    i also just put all the plants on 12/12 so tht plant is gona bud like crazy!

    its still growing new single leaves with really small trichs. i wish i had a good camera to capture them..
  4. okay so i took clones a while back on the purple widow plant that is flowering heavily and now the clone is growing well but its starting to produce trichomes at the same time of growing. i wasnt sure what they were so i pulled out my "420 scope" and i swear to jesus that, that clone is growing and producing trichs at the same time... i dont get it at all! its growing like its mom but now the mom is forming loads of trichs but there is no bud growth yet! thts wht i dont get! why is this happening to me!!!!! haha
  5. come on people! i need more feedback!!!!
    why is my plant growing the way it is!!!
    it is currently building up trichs everywhere and its barely 2 weeks into flowering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    explain this to me!!! there is no bud material yet!!!! and why the hell is my clone growing trichs on the leaves and still growing new leaves!!! i took the clone when the mother was in veg...
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    Need better pictures, close ups would help.
  7. i dnt have a good enought picture. you just have to do your best to find out whts goin on. ive seen it myself tht there is trichs growing on the clone and the mother but the mother just started flowering and the clone shouldnt be producing tichs, ive got a 420 scope so i kno there trichs
  8. heres the mutant plant that has been growing like its been flowering the whole time since a seedling. The whole plant is a BUD just all one big bud, 3 feet of bud haha.

    and like i said that clone that i took off the mutant mother is growing likes its mother ha

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  9. and another shot at the middle of the mutant

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  10. heres the pictures you have been waiting to see!!!!
    here the mutant purple widow clone!!!


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    Looks like the Clone was pulled during flowering and is trying to Reveg. Those arent "pre-flowers" That is a snipped cola. MJ will throw out one leaf's when its revegging.

    auto-flower?? did you start the original plant? seed? clone?

    on the up side, the clone seems to be doing well. probably another 2 weeks before it is fully back into veggie mode.

    greens to you
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    haha you dont get it bro, i have pictures of me taking the clone from the mother plant when it was in veg. not flowering, this clone has BEEN growing for 2 MONTHS, the original mom was froma purple widow seed that i bought online.

    I ALSO have pictures of when the mom was growing like the clone when it was in veg. look into my previous thread that i posted above...
  13. just checked out your journal on it. heh that is deff. one weird ass plant.

    how long since you planted the mom?

  14. I agree with Cyrate here!

    What you are experiencing is most likely due to the plant entering flowering for some reason (light or stress or ruderalis genes, I don't know???) and it looks like it's trying to come back to veg.

    I have seen this from people putting plants outdoors too soon and they flower a bit then throw dozens of single-fingered leaves out until it comes out of bloom.

    It's really weird they would do it indoors so I would imagine you have some autoflowering genes in your plants. My suggestion, if you really want to keep that strain, is to give it 24/0 light until you are ready to bud so you don't give the plant any darkness to begin to bloom with.

    If it's an autoflowering strain it will flower under 24/0 light eventually anyway. But those single fingers are indicative of revegitation after budding, and sometimes even an hour of darkness can keep them budding out. It's weird man, sorry about your luck :(
  15. well i started flowering the mom about a month and a half ago but i didnt notice much difference of the mom when it went into flowering, except it just started getting fatter and growing more trichs. and the mom is currently about 7 months old.

    the clone is growing super slow for some reason, maybe it needs a bigger pot or something but the clone has been growing like tht for 2 months now.
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    yes but thts not whts happening to this plant, i bought these seeds off of "grasscity" THE MOM HAS BEEN GROWING SINGLE LEAVES FOR MOST OF ITS WHOLE LIFE TIME!!!!!!


    AND it is in veg...the mom grew the same exact way and when i started the 12 hour cycle, the mom started to smell and get fatter! and still is getting fatter and denser.

    sorry if i sounded like a ass if i did haha im heavily blitzed:smoke::smoke:
  17. those single fingers look sooooo sooooo mean. :eek:
  18. alright, this is all a whole lot of guessing but i have been thinking about it now for a few minutes, how does this sound?

    First the problem started at the breeder/seedbank, when you were accidently given a the wrong beans. Instead of purple widow, you received some half-assed cross with ruderalis instead. I say "half-assed" because i dont THINK it wasnt stabilized and therefore behaved MOSTLY like a photoperiod strain. Until it hit maturity. 13 week'ish by your journal. At that time the gene controlling auto-flowering switched on. so now at 22weeks (aprox) it is finishing as a ruderalis.

    There is a micro-nutrient deficency that will also cause "single leaf" though i cant remember which one for the life of me. {silicone? aluminium?}

    again all just guesses. id really like to know whats up too. deff. weird.
  19. No worries bro, you didn't sound condescending at all ;)
  20. Okay, so you grew the seeds so you know where they are from. Did they come from a seed bank who splits up packs into individual seeds? It could be that thew middle-man f-ed up and gave you the wrong strain.

    It could also be that the seeds are what the breeder says they are, but they bullshitted the description (happens all the time to sell us their crappy ass seeds). A good example is Trainwreck. I have grown good ol' Arcata clones, and the Greenhouse feminized stuff is not as potent, not as high yielding or fast growing, it exhibits triple pod leaves often which is a genetic anomaly considered a defect by a lot of breeders, and I really don't think it's the same strain at all. Unfortunately the kick ass reputation of Trainwreck is selling Arjan's shitty ass seeds from Greenhouse, and eventually people will mentally associate the imitation instead of the real thing. Tragic.

    Another thing that I hate (venting here about breeders who lie...) is when someone imitates a cross and calls it the original name. Or when they copyright (WTF?????, copyright on OG Kush and Trainwreck?) names we stoners came up with ourselves. It's a slap in the face to the individuals who put the time into breeding the strain, and naming it in the first place. Whatever though, at least some come up with cool new names like TGA does. Lol, like Querkle and Tiny Bomb....

    As long as you get some kind nugs this time around no worries, but I'd switch it out for something else next time. is pretty reputable and you can order singles of a ton of strains.:smoke:

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