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  1. What's up everyone, I feel like I should've made most of my posts under this thread lol. Science & Nature! Two of my favorite things! If you don't know, I've made many threads under Indoor & Organic Growing. During my first grow I put em under Absolute Beginners. I've met a lot of great people who give me really good advice when I need it. I think I'm on the right track now especially since I'm growing 2 females this time. Now your probly wondering why I'm making this post lol. Well I don't just grow/use cannabis, I also study it and have done so much research at one point it for real felt like my brain was bout to explode lol. This post is pretty much me just finding out about the science thread lol, and there's a lot of work that goes into identifying strains. I decided I'm gonna get good at that and if I can't get the strain by name, I can definitely tell some of its ancestry and genetic lineage. At some point there's only so many bud formations and plant structures tho lol, so that makes it a lil easier. Some of the smells/tastes a strain can have are unimaginable tho. Like they naturally smell like that too, it's crazy!!! From sweet herbal hash scents to pungent, dank smellin skunk scents, this plant has it all!!! Not to mention the effects it has lol, super fire! Sometimes I think I'm the only one who loves this plant this much lol... like I get so mad knowing it can cure cancer but it's still illegal? Ain't that what everyone been lookin for? Besides world peace? Wtf... Anyway lol, that's why I come here. So I can freely express my love for a plant that gives me hope, even living in a state where it's still completely illegal... well hemp is legal but those are male plants. I do appreciate everything a male plant can do too tho. My first plant I ever grew was a male lol. I got 2 females now! I'll be putting a lot of my scientific and strain identifying information under this thread from now on, don't wanna look like NERRRD in the other threads lol jk!!! I'll leave y'all with a few pics of my lovely ladies lol...

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  2. Welcome to the science section, a largely desolate place anymore.

    Regardless, kudos on your enthusiasm for this wonderful plant. I have to say, all of your photos are beautiful, but the first two particularly. Either you know something about photography or you have a natural ability you may want to pursue.

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  3. For real? Thanks! People have told me I take really good pics and should send some to like High Times and places like that. I've always loved takin pictures, like landscapes and buildings. But ever since I got that first pic of some bud I was like whaaat hold up this is as good as those pictures in the magazines lol. I really want an actual camera tho lol. I love the camera on my HTC phone tho! I guess I do have a natural ability tho cuz no one ever taught me.
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  4. Hey, I took some more pics today lol and they're really showing bud growth now. The smell has also gotten stronger. I just haven't really heard from anyone since they started their 4th week in flowering... idk if it's a good thing cuz no one can really see anything wrong... but I'd like your opinion if you have any experience with Indicas and like a 30% Sativa/Indica hybrid. I think I could use another grow light... lol sorry these are my first 2 females but here they are!

    P.S. There's quite a few pics lol again, sorry... but I also thought you would enjoy them! Here's a bonus pic real quick, my Mango Kush got tall enough to enjoy the grow light lol. Thanks again for lifting my spirits! IMAG4572.jpg
    Now here's a few from the sides, I'll start with the big one...
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  5. You are welcome, it just struck me so I felt I should give you the praise.

    It would be a shame if you had a natural talent and joy of photography and not pursue it because you were never aware.

    Maybe you aren't that good according to people who know more about "professional photography" so I don't know if it would be wise to encourage you but my eyes enjoyed it enough to compel me to comment on it.

    The last batch I like the first, third and forth picture.

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  6. Lol hell yeah, thanks! I love taking pictures and sometimes I'll sit and adjust settings til I get it just right lol. Like today I HAD to get some dank pics of my plant cuz the buds got a lil bigger. They are SO FROSTY now too lol. I'm still not quite sure how she's gonna fill out the rest, but I'm thinking it'll be something like Vanilla Kush! Maybe that exact strain too cuz I found out it's definitely not Mango Kush
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  7. "don't wanna look like NERRRD in the other threads" Lol, same here... that's why I have this username and avatar :geek:
    Grow is looking nice, keep up the good work!
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  8. Thanks! Lol I'm almost ready to make a new post here. I've discovered a few more things during this grow. Mostly about LED lighting and how much you'll need
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