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  1. I have a 400 watt HPS/MH system and a 250 watt HPS only system. I want to run both at the same time on 8 plants. Can I run the 400 watt one with the MH bulb and also my 250 watt with a HPS bulb at the same time in the same closet together (It's a big closet under the stairs)when Im vegging or will it stress the plants with the two different kinds of lights??

    Also, I picked up 3 big bags of Fox Farm Ocean brand today so Im looking forward to a good yield hopefully:hello:
  2. If you can handle the additional heat then it'll be fine.
  3. Are you sure? The heat isn't a problem but I am worried about running two different types of light in the same room at the same time. I would toggle the plants around but still. Anyone else have any input??
  4. there's no issue doing that,
    realise two things though:

    HPS puts out more light than MH

    the 400w light will drown out the 250 wat light.. your going to have to put the 250W light down close to the plants and have the 400w a lil higher up to get even light spread..

    its not the best way to do it, but you can do it if you want.
  5. I'v never grown indoor before, but have red alot. Use only the MH for veg then whenever you decide to flower, through in the HPS along with the MH. From what i'v heard, MH light gives you more resinous buds where as the HPS gives yo more and bigger buds. MH + HPS = BIG RESINOUS BUDS . Somebody please correct me if im wrong;)
  6. as mordgow said, it's not that effective. MH bulbs are designed for Vegetative and HPS are for flowering. why not just split that big closet into two rooms. Make sure you run ventalation (and lots of it) when you do whatever it is you choose.
  7. What sort of MH bulb? Plants use light in the blue and red ends of the visible spectrum. HPS bulbs produce mostly light in the orange/red wavelengths. I believe MH lamps output more blue light. Sounds like a well balanced lighting set up. It's gonna be intense in there.
  8. When I veg I use 1000W MH with 1000W HPS. I also open door to natural sunlight when possible. I never had anything but good results. I rotate plants so they get a little of everything.
    Good Luck
  9. Holy Crap! 2KW Tell me you're running at 220V

  10. HPS isn't the OPTIMAL spectrum for vegging but it IS still beneficial and will help. Many many people use a HPS for the entire grow and have excellent results.
  11. imo mordgrow is right. it is not a question about usin HPS alongside MH, many do this w/ happy results. this is about what will work best for you the grower. if it works for ya to do it the way ya describe, by all means do it. i offer a suggestion of running them both as HPS. as buzb8lvr said complete grows can be done w/ HPS alone w/ great outcomes.
  12. I have actually heard that mixing MH and HPS in vegitative can stunt the plants a bit. No experience with that, though, just repeating something I thought I had heard.

    Why not get a MH conversion bulb and put that in the HPS fixture? Then you can run all 650w as MH for veg and all as HPS for flower.
  13. The 250 watt one is the one I can only run HPS bulbs on and I dont think they make a MH coversion bulb that small. Anyways I have 8 plants and I think the output of lumens with the HPS bulbs is what I need. It drops from 58k to 36k if I switch to MH. My 250 watt HPS puts out 28k lumens. If I use all HPS that gives me 86k lumens = enough for 8 plants
  14. There definitely are 250w MH conversion bulbs, I have one.
  15. I have MH/HPS ballast on one 1000W light and straight HPS on the other light. It is 220 volts, I have expensive electricity and use natural light whenever possible. I also ran a split system Mitsubishi air conditioner into my growroom. Maintaining 82 degrees maximum keeps down the stretch and produces healthy plants. I have found you can not give them too much light. I even set up a large mirror outside growroom door to reflect natural light inside while lights are running.
    No nosy neighbors, i am on 4 1/2 acres and most houses in my area are summer homes. Funny thing, my retired neighbors, 65 to 75 years old, are mostly stoners and I have a ready market right here. I usually ask my 70 year old neighbors wife to watch and water if I have to leave for a few days. She has a green thumb, grows great tomatoes and she earns her stash for the year.

  16. Do this. 10,000 lumens per plant is the ideal target. Beasty plants will be sure to grow. Much Weed for you. :smoking:

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