never have oredered seeds before

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    I am brand new to here just signed up today.

    I got a question not about seed banks that part is easy but about the breeders these seed banks sell.You cant tell me all these breeders that these seed banks sell are good..So give me a starting place what breeders you have had success with I am not interested in any F1 cross i can do that on my own..

    I have never bought seeds before but Have a friend in califorina I have got cuttings from for years.Looking to buy some seeds picking a seed bank is the easy part I just have a hard time believeing that all those breeders are all great breeders so any help would be great..

    I was thinking about getting seeds from barnys they are the 2010 caqnnibus cup winner just woundered if they are top of there game with quality..If you haVe other breeders you like just let me know which ones are topnotch.
  2. barneys farm is fine.. about the only fem'd breeder I really trust .. them Female Seeds NL and DNA

    other then that .. I can guarantee you will not go wrong with TGA Subcool. (start with Vortex IMHO). Sub's work may cost you a bit more for your seeds ..but there WILL BE A WINNER in the pack to make your mother plant.

    You also should have good results from the following breeders ...... Reserva Privada ( DNA Genetics distributes their work), Gage Green Seeds, Cali Connection, TH Seeds, DJ Short, Soma, and Next Generation seeds.

    good luck

    PS I shop at the attitude
  3. thanks alot :):):smoke::smoke:
  4. Most breeders are offering f1 crosses. If you prefer makfing your own f1's that's the way to go. I like Mr Nice's f1's. Serious seeds has been good to me, haven't tried their fem seeds. Always enjoy Joey's C99 and A11, f2's. For fem seeds, Barneys is quite good. I've tried all the who's who's of breeders, and many dozens of others and found all to be very good at what they do. Really all about what do you prefer. Know that and then find the breeder who has the closest product to match that. Apollothunderfuck from spice bros was one of my favorite grows. No longer available anywhere. C99 from bros grimm another fav. No longer available f1, i can't find it even as an f2. Down to crosses/hybrids of c99. Some genetics go extinct, get em while ther available!
  5. I am on my phone so don't wanna get too into it but look into Bodhi, Alphakronik, TGA and Mr. Nice to name a few.
  6. How can you all miss the 1 and only greenhouse seeds
  7. easy ....

    they suck ass

    no breeder, just a pollen tosser who looks like the Taco Bell chihuahua, and an owner who is more worried about $$ then quality ..

    the only breeder GHS ever even had left years ago... his name is Sahantibaba..and he now breeds for Mr Nice seeds

    pic is of a GHS Bubba kush (UFO freebie)


    there was time that GHS was the shit .. not anymore. After Arjan became the head of the Cannabis Cup, their strains have become "promotion over production..."

    I blame High Times... ;):D

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    Ahh serious :( bit of a shame, guess I'm lucky they released a nice cheese and slh before that time, I'm going to keep this in mind for next time :(
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    Thanks to you all..
    I ordered from attitude and got vanila kush from barneys farm and my friend gave me 3 cuttings today which are tangrinre dreams from barneys he told me he love the way his 1st grow went with it..I really wanted to grow the vanilla kush but quess have to just when they come in get me a good mother plant growing and wait until this grow is finished

    thanks again for all your input..

    on GHS to I have grown from cuttings they have some there older breeds are great..They do not do there own breeding there growers that supply there coffee shops to there breeding for them so on that there newer breeds I would not use but some there older breeds are great just my thoughts..
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    I'm thinking you chose wisely. Have some TDream myself in seed form. As for the GH seeds, i've actually grown quite a few of the females, based on all the negativity wanted to find out for myself. They performed quite well and lemonsk is a fav of mine. As for Mr Nice, just got my SSH yesterday, have grown it from seed many times. Won't start SSH until Aug, indoors, but so excited had to look at the seeds! Mr Nice is the real deal!!!
    Just saw the hermies on the fem seed from GH, saw a few on a couple strains my self (none on many runs of lemonskunk), also none on the 4 strains of Barneys that i just finished recently. Hermies can happen on many strains, but more so on fem seeds imo.
  11. Gage Green Genetics use parents that are hard to come by and selected from up to a hundred seeds. You'll find seeds from exclusive clone-only genetics like the Grape Stomper (25+% THC), Underdog OG, Fire/SFV OG, Mendo Prups, etc. They also go through a rigorous selection and growth process that keeps germ rates near 100% and hermaphrodites at 0%.

    What I like about them is their organic and natural approach. The plants are healthier and they dont mess with fems or selfed plants or genetics in breeding that could compromise the seed quality.
  12. :smoke:
    No doubt.

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