Never have I successfully cloned any plant let alone cannabis..... until now...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bambroosky, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. I am happily into my first grow, pretty cheap setup and whatnot but things are rolling along just fine. I live my goji og so much in fact I decided to try to take a clone even though I can't even figure out how to clone spider plants. Well this time I tried simple water cloning (stuck it in my window in a cup of water) with some aloe rubbed on the cut and it shot roots within 7 days! Now she's happily chilling in a little pot after transplant and I think I may have an actual successful clone on my hands! Which is nice cause I didn't think to take more than one cut.
    I think the aloe is what gave me such success. It was one of the tips I looked up and I just so happen to have an aloe plant.

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  2. Good job buddy.
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  3. Very nice ! Good job...:weed:
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  4. ive never tried aloe ,,but some growers swear by it for cloning it most be ok ,in fact it sound better or as good as clonex ,a lot cheaper too ..ive got two or three small aloes in pots around the house ,,mac
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  5. Nice bro. I clone with aloe, but I also clone with nothing sometimes. I really haven't noticed much difference. Its not that I'm setting out to use aloe, I use it quite often and usually have some ready but if dont I just clone anyways. I grow my own aloe. They're hearty plants
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  6. Congratulations!
    Cloning is actually pretty simple, many people just seem to make it sound way overcomplicated.
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  7. hi jay i used to clone my plants when i first started growing inside ,,then for some reason couple years later i just couldnt get a clone to strike ,so i just gave up after trying cloning powders/,gels etc they just wouldnt take ,,so i think i should give aloe a go and see if i have any luck with it ,,mac,,
  8. My neighbor floats his in a fish tank full of tap water until they grow roots and gets close to 100%. In my opinion gels, powders and solutions do a better job at seperating growers from their money than they do improving success rates. But growing is about how we as individuals like to do things. Some swear by those things and that is what works for them. If aloe works for you, by all means use it. I can see where it might provide some benefit in warding off fungus and bacteria. Personally I prefer using an aerocloner. Not because it works better than other methods, but because it seems to work faster and all I have to do is add tap water and wait.
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  9. hi mate ,yea ive seen growers using the areocloner ,,like youve said it does seem to make roots faster too ,,,mac,

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