Never had this pattern any thoughts my grass city family??

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  1. Half soil half coco mix.. growing healthy no leaves dying or dropping off but some leaves are starting to go tiger coloured like this any thoughts.. my guess is nitrogen toxicity setting in the ph is constant between 6.5 and 7 ..Thanks in advance

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  2. Fix your lighting when you're taking pictures..

    Why would you go half coco half soil? I experimented with it and there are no pros, yet many cons.
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  3. stalled sap keep up the temps

    good luck
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  4. Looks like she could use some magnesium. Not sure about going 50/50 soil and coco. However, my coco grows require a cal-mag supplement to avoid mag issues (and cal issues, not surprisingly). Less so in soil. Next time, I would either amend your soil with something else, or grow soilless/hydro in coco. The two media grow very differently and don’t like it when you treat one like the other. Would imagine mixing them 50/50 likely to give you some headaches. Good luck getting her sorted. Cheers
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