never grown before...please help!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by herbalhairy, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. Hello Everyone, and welcome from the uk.
    I have never grown before and this will be my first attempt.I will be germinating indoors but growing out doors... My question is simple... i have already germinated my seeds but want to know the best time to put them outdoors?

    Also i have read before that if the seed floats it will probably NOT germinate...i sent away for these seeds so what if any kind of come back can i expect if they do not???

    any kind of growing tips would be greatly appreciated and received with thanks....

    ALSO.. is it true that if a female plant reaches maturity and i take a cutting the next generation will be twice as potent as the first... and if i take a cutting from generation 2 and do the same this also will be twice as potent as generation 2...?
    (thus making generation 2 4 times as potent as my first plant!!!)

    any advice please.....

    Thanks Herb.
  2. plant outdoors after the last frost of spring

  3. The cutting will be an exact genetic replica of the mother plant, a clone.
  4. Floating seeds question you had i can answer it :)... well all your seeds are gonna float for about 4-12 hours so dont throw them away for at least 4-12 hours just throw them in a cup of clean water that you should leave out for a few hours to get all the chemicals to come up and then throw your seeds into the water all of them WILL FLOAT for awhile. Just expect it now then store it in a dark place on a heating pad is the best so that they stay warm then simply take some tweesers and pull them out and set them on a moist paper towl and wait for germination the whole point of the water for germination instead of just going to a paper towl is to keep the seeds shell moist and get it soft so that it can get through it very easily making germination take place faster.

    good luck hoko
  5. HIGH All, it's the way we do it too hoko...but we don't use tweezers we use a straw cut like a little spoon and scoop it up which then goes in the medium we use. After 24 hrs in water some will have Already "popped" those go into the medium and the rest get fresh water and put back into the dark for another 24 hrs by then most should have their little white dinks as I call them.

    Yes most of your seeds will float when you put them in water I usally poke them down (over the 24hr period) until they sink.

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