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Never Grew Before, Is it worth it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 High Times, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. So I looked at abunch web sites on how to grow weed outdoors including grasscitys forum. I understand most of it and all but I have afew questions

    1. Is the male plant completley useless or does it give off smokable buds?
    2. How long does it take from the time you plant the seeds to when you can pick and smoke the weed?
    3. I hear if you put like grape or orange soda in your water that your watering the plant with it will taste like that soda when you smoke it, is that true?
    4. Roughly 1 ounce comes off a plant right?
    5. How to tell difference between male and female seeds?
    6. What is the earliest I can plan the seeds?
    Thanks I just really want to do this correctly, Gunna grow alot and party alot this summer
  2. 1. The male plants produce very low levels of THC so no one really bothers to harvest them, most people just get rid of the males plants once they figure out that it's male.

    2. It depends on the strain of marijuana you have.

    5. You can't tell the difference between the seeds you have to wait till they're growing to determine whether or not they are male or female.

    Here's a link to a thread on sexing:
  3. 1. Males plants are good if you want to cross strains and grow seeds. Because males produce seeds, all the plants energy goes into producing the seeds, and not the buds. So no, they do not produce smokable buds.

    2. It depends on the strain. Growing outdoors can be tricky due to environmental factors. Ideally it would be 4-5 months.

    3. Thats bullshit, dont do that. It will mess with your PH and nutrients.

    4. Depending on many factors... but generally yes a 4 ft plants usually produces 1 ounce.

    5. You cant tell the diff between male and female by seeds. Only when they are growing and have their leaves will you be able to distinguish the two sexes.

    6. Depends on your area. Usually early May in most places.

    Finally, yes its worth it. I personally don't think its worth my time, risk, energy and money to grow outdoors though (unless i somehow can look after them without hassle)
  4. I wish I could find the grow journal but I know one of our members here accomplished a 2lb harvest from a single outdoor plant.

    yourHIGHness pretty much got everything.
  5. to expand on answer #5: the unfortunate thing about male and female determination is it takes about 4-5 weeks (of indoor growing at least) to know the sex, and sometimes longer. needless to say, it's rather frustrating to spend the time, energy and effort into growing a plant (or several plants) for that long only to find out it's male.

    otherwise, yourHIGHness pretty much summed it up nicely.
  6. I have another question, once you harvest buds off a plant, can you continue to grow buds on it or does it simply die off?
  7. no, harvest is a one time deal really. cannabis is an annual plant, meaning it intends to die off at the end of flowering when you harvest. people have been able to re-veg a plant that has gone through a full round of flowering, but it is extremely stressful for the plant, time consuming and it typically doesn't come back as well the second time as it originally was. it's easiest just to start with a new clone or new seed after each harvest.

    hope that helps some.
  8. Im planning on just throwing a few seeds in the ground far away in the woods and letting it grow naturally. Hopefully no one will see it because my closest neighbor is like 1/4 a mile away from me. anyone think it will survive?

  9. I think it needs some loving, Like it needs to be checked on at least once a weed or two i think. But people seeing me will is my biggest concern b/c its kinda suspicous if the same kid goes into the woods an is back out 10 mins later all the time. I live in a neighborhood which sucks, but im gunna have like 4 different plants all around the neighborhoods woods haha this summer will be sweet, Nothing but getting baked at the beach meeting different hotties everyday haha

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