Never grew before, afew questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 420 High Times, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. So I looked at abunch web sites on how to grow weed outdoors including grasscitys forum. I understand most of it and all but I have afew questions

    1. Is the male plant completley useless or does it give off smokable buds?
    2. How long does it take from the time you plant the seeds to when you can pick and smoke the weed?
    3. I hear if you put like grape or orange soda in your water that your watering the plant with it will taste like that soda when you smoke it, is that true?
    4. Roughly 1 ounce comes off a plant right?
    5. How to tell difference between male and female seeds?
    6. What is the earliest I can plan the seeds?
    Thanks I just really want to do this correctly, Gunna grow alot and party alot this summer
  2. 1. Useless to me, maybe isohash to you.
    2. about 3.5 months fully cured (dep on the strain)
    3. Certain thingz, fed before u harvest, can flavor bud. (can find the forum, but theres a sticky under it...jcd7d7 or something user
    4. depends solely on the lights/feeding. and all around growing, so no.
    5 u cant
    6, u can plant today, saying u had them. but look up germinating seeds.

    7. read the forum, there is a vast amount of info
  3. 1. Agree with Sticky, you can try to make hash or cannabutter but I've never gotten enough to make it worth the effort.

    2. Sticky's estimate is about average, but the time can vary widely depending on how long you want to veg and how long your strain takes for flowering.

    3. Soda won't flavor your bud.

    4. Depends on a lot more than lights and feeding -- grow method, fresh air ventilation, temps, pH, RH, genetics, among other things.

    5. Sticky speaks the truth.

    6. For outdoors don't plant until after the last frost, which obviously varies from locale to locale.

    7. That's always good advice!

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