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never gonna stop me

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Trouble, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. I turned 20 a month ago and that ment I've been smokin 14 years The sweet leaf has taken me all arround my corner of the us its made alot of friends and alot of enemies its gotten me thrown out my house and arrested But its also given me mental reliffe from this fucked up world I have nothin to prove to anyone and nothin else to loose I just wish
    the world would chill out If everyone in the world got stoned it would be alot more peacefull but then thier would be less munchies thiers a sertain balance to the way shit works and I aint never gonna figure it out so Im just gonna keep smokin and let the goodtime roll

  2. are you saing youve smoked since you were 6??? omg.(i know i musta made a mistake on that math)

    smoking can take you to good places with good friends. but well, we all know that it can take you to a few bad ones as well. i too wish the real world would just chill, but it wont.
    your right you have nothing to prove to anyone. besides yourself, an loose? just dont loose yurself.somtimes its a hard thing to find agian. and as for chillin...this be a nice place for that kinda thing.

  3. you've been smoking since you were six?

    maybe marijuana does make you dumber?
  4. You know what...we aren't all expert spellers and I'm sick of seeing some point shit like that out. We're stoners...not judges!

    ...and marijuana doesn't make you dumb!!!

    You're right, Trouble...the world is fucked up in so many ways and MaryJane does make life a lot more interesting and it causes some of us to look at it in a different way. Some people become more creative, more industrious and intelligence can be raised to a higher and much different level. I agree that if everyone got high, the world would be a more peaceful place.

    I don't believe that any of us should prove anything to another. The only person we need to prove ourselves to is our own self. You have to be happy with who you long as you're happy then nothing else matters...not in the long run, at least.
  5. Sweet!

    Ya know after readign this post and thinkin back to my childhood daze, i remember having mad contcat highs since i was like 4 or 5 years old. I always used to be driving around the state with my dad, walkin in the woods, and just chillin at home and he was always blazin a fatty. when i was 5 i used to roll j's for him and got pretty good at it, especally since i was a little kid and my hands were all small i can roll with mad skill.

    I guess i never realized i was high i thought that's the way reality was but as i got older and i got high from tokin for the first time i realized what high was, and looking back on it, i remember being like 5 years old, high as fuck, riding my bike around the yard jumping over shit on rocks and ramps i made n shit.

    I'm glad that my dad was cool enough to toke up and let me catch a contact cause i think it made me a better person, so whenever my dad is around i roll the fattest j's pack the biggest bowls, and bust out all my smokeware to sesh with. I get him all smoked out till he's comatoastey and cakey and return the favor of him gettin me lifted when i was a little dude. He should be out to visit me in 2 more weeks or so and when he does we're gonna stay blazed for like a week and roadtrip all over the southwest US skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, and making movies of it all.

  6. Could you roll a fat ass blunt when you were 6 years old man.. :smoke: :smoke:
  7. Nahh I lernt to roll at 12 I used bongs and bowls till then
  8. i still cant roll

    so i still use bongs and bowls

    cant find my rolling machine either.:S
  9. namron: you wanna get good at rollin just buy a pack of zig zags from the store and crush up some leaves offa a tree and just practice. guarntee by the end of the pack of zig zags youll be rollin coo jays.

    I didnt smoke till i was 10 , but i got a couple friends who first smoked when they were about 6. One of my buddies said he remebers stealin an 8th from his mom and smokin from that. Kids at 6 are pretty smart they see their parents doin it all the time so they just copy offa that , just a few months back i seen on the news that a kindergardener brought dank and a pipe for show and tell.
  10. damn.... i didnt even know what weed was when i was six.... that a little too young for me.......
  11. yeah passdadro its true. Read it on too so its a pretty reliable source. If your rasied with your parents blazing in front of you youll defintally know what weed is by the time your six. My buddy has a 2yr old son , he dosent know what weed is but he allways asks why we roll our own cigarettes, then he throws little fits cause he wants to roll one cause he's a 'big boy'. Im sure by the time he's 6 he will have a clear understandin of what weed is.
  12. heh personally i dont think its a good idea to blaze in front of your kids but its my friends kid not mine so whatever. I think blazing in front of your kids is sending the wrong message , it shows him its ok to break rules . I dont plan on ever smoking in front of my kids until they are 18 or older, once they are adults they can do what they want.
  13. to be a stoner, cali toker, you follow too many fucking rules.
  14. Responsible Use, man. If I have kid's I don't want them smokin' at age 7. That's kinda wrong. Whatever you say, Weed IS a Psychoactive drug and it CAN'T be good for developing brains. 16 is probably about right, 18-20 for regular use.

  15. You got kids man?

    Maybe the dude's something besides just a stoner?

  16. so you're saying its ok for adults to break laws but not ok for children to break laws?

    I didn't disagree with your general idea, more along the lines of how you worded it. 18 isn't a magic number that makes everything ok, if you dont want your kid to smoke because of effects it might have on him, say so, dont just say "dont smoke in front of your kid because it sends the message that breaking the rules are ok"
  17. So you did'nt answer my question. Are you a parent?

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