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Never get busted again. Drug dogs.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GoldN, May 16, 2011.

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    First of all this information is not mine it is just being passed on and i thought everyone here could appreciate it. In case you haven't seen them there are 2 dvds that are called never get busted. An ex cop explains everything on how not to get caught from drug dogs, raids, and traffic stops.

    Dogs are different from humans in the fact that when we smell we don't smell individual things. When you have a stew all mixed together we smell stew. Dogs smell everything that is in the stew individually ( carrots, celery, beef). The other factor is how smells permeate. If you have your stash of weed freshly packed in a ziploc bag you can't smell anything, keep your weed in there and wait an hour and smell your bag. Smells like weed now. What most people don't get is that when trying to cover up the smell of weed with something like cayenne pepper or coffee the dog smells first the cayenne pepper/ coffee and then smells the container and then the weed. The best way to avoid this is when transporting weed don't put it in a container days before transporting. Put your weed in something like an empty coffee tin right before you leave. The dog will then smell the container and then the coffee possibly and not the weed.

    Don't use anything strong to cover up the smell of weed like pepper because the dog with having a sensitive nose will jerk it's head and the K-9 officer is looking for that. The most effective way to avoid being caught is having a kitten/ cat in the car with you. Dogs can not do their job when a cat is around. Also around roadkill dogs can not find anything.

    There was a bust this cop made where the dog smelled weed that was put into pvc pipes and stored in the gas tank with gas. Due to how long the weed was in there it permeated. The dog smelled individually the car, gas tank, gas, pvc, and then the marijuana.

    I hope you guys can appreciate this. :D
  2. There are two parts to the "never get busted again" movie, traffic stops and hidden compartments. Traffic stops has two volumes, while hidden compartments only has one.

    [ame=]YouTube - Never Get Busted-Vol1-TrafficStops-Part-1[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Never Get Busted-Vol2-TrafficStops-Part-1[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Never Get Busted-Hidden.Compartments-Part-1[/ame]
  3. thanks for posting man. :hello:
  4. No problem, the entire movie is available on youtube, I HIGHLY recommend all tokers watch it. We need more officers like barry cooper.
  5. I've heard you cant beat the dogs nose you have to trick them...hide the weed inside some kinda food package
  6. Thanks for posting bro, might save my ass one day.
  7. As i said dogs smell individual things and smells permeate. Hiding like baking inside foods does work. There has never been a case for a traffic stop that they uncovered baked marijuana items via drug dog.
  8. peanutbutter.
  9. Yay, learning!

    What if the pot was in one of those vacuum bags, and then inside a glass jar that had a liquid inside that does not dissolve anything in pot. The smell would be very well hidden. Have you ever smelled anything through glass?

    I have never tried this, but I was thinking about this while watching the hidden compartments video.
  10. fukin' hick
  11. like i said as long as you just did that and traveled fast with it then you're good man.:smoke: learning is fun
  12. After watching all three, I'm... er... "buying" the dvd.
  13. i "bought" the dvd too. spread the word man it only got like 300 views on youtube. stoner community must know about this shit.
  14. Read between the lines man, he's basically saying the best way to smuggle weed is to put it inside a cat just before you leave
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    i also herd if you have a female dog in the car that they cant bring the K-9 unit.
    is this true or does it have to be a cat?
  16. This guy is legendary on the world wide webs.

    I enjoyed his piece on "if the cops come to your door". The guy knows his shit. If you use JustinTV, there is a channel called planetweed that shows his DVDs regularly.
  17. You can't get pass drug dogs. And his movies all bullshit. The only informative parts are things everyone should know with common sense. And his accent. God if you can watch the whole movie you deserve a prize.
  18. This ^. I don't beleive that would work that well.
  19. #19 GoldN, May 16, 2011
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    Haven't heard anything about that but i do know a cat is a definite win.

    Opinion read and disregarded :) have you ever had a drug dog and seen what will and won't work? no then gtfo.

    Edit: unless you have a reason to say that then don't trash the guy. He's an ex cop and he knows his shit.
  20. You can't get around drug dogs, that's just a fact..... And so who cares if he's a cop? Everything he says a fifteen year old would know.

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