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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by James Bong, May 25, 2004.

  1. Hello to everyone
    I'm new to the forum scene but I've been growing the weed since 1970 when I came back from vietnam with a big sack of seeds.... I broadcasted about 5 lbs of seed all up and down the missouri river valley a few blocks from where I lived at the time in the same area that my dad use to grow hemp in WW II... needless to say those seeds developed into the biggest problem the local police ever seen.... they still have news articles after all these years flaunting their efforts in eradicating the demon

    after outdoor growing for the next 12 years I decided to move indoors with my grow with some good indica and 2 40 watt floro's in my bathroom (honest guys I didn't know any better) and have been growing indoors and learning ever since

    This year I am doing my first grow using aeroponics with a fogger grow set up that a friend of mine developed.. I'm building the veg grow area in the bathroom (back where I and the flowering area in my bedroom closet.. (since I live in a tiny apartment I have very little room in which to grow)

    I'm growing now for my own health since I was wounded in vietnam with agent orange and now it has affected my health... I'm now in a wheelchair and no longer able to tramp the woods to launch a gorilla grow in this area...

    Happy to join into your group and will be posting pics and decriptions of my latest endeavor
  2. Wow awesome. Welcome to the city i think youll fit right in. :)
  3. Good to see ya Mr. Bong!
    Can't wait to see the grow

    (vietnam vets should be able to smoke freely by law!!!)

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