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Never ever get weed in the South !

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThaPurpleMan, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Well im from Seattle, WA but I recently moved to South Carolina . They will mix up some bullshit weed with alot of seeds and stems throw it in a .5 bag and charge $5 !!! Its rediculous how bad it is.. the high only last about 45 min -__- And they will charge $15 for .5 of some weed that i couldve got in Seattle for a Dub.. fuckin rediculous.. Im leaving really soon to Canada and i cant wait to get HIGH again.. And its not just my town or just south carolina its the whole south, my friends also shared with me there experiences
  2. not in texas, plenty of good pot here... (if you know the right folks)
  3. Thats a pretty big stereotype. Almost anywhere in the country has a dealer like that. It's all about who you know. I'm almost positive there is a dealer who sells dank. You just have to find him.
  4. I live in SC and this hasn't been my experience at all. I'd actually say the opposite. I find much higher grade down here for cheaper, than I did back home (North Baltimore).
  5. good bud is everywhere, you just gotta know the right people ;)

    oh yeah and don't act like a bitch, if you're trying to score a dub or whatever for 20 and the bag is full of seeds, call the guy out. you're a new customer so he's most likely testing how stupid you are. if you bought that bag, he knows he can skimp you in the future.
  6. im in florida and we always have good weed. we also have shitty weed, but for 5 bucks, i can get about 1.2g. so, basically, you fail at buying weed and need to stop putting stereotypes on us southern folk. douche.

  7. 5 bucks for 1.2g?
    You must be smoking dirt
  8. I moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles last summer and I now have a medical card. There are all sorts of different qualities of weed in Atlanta, but if you know the right people, you can get the same stuff in ATL that I pick up i the shops here in Cali. It's just about finding the right connects. The main difference between the South and Cali is just the availability and prices, but the same bud is everywhere.
  9. eh. its ghetto regs. its not bad. on the other hand, i can get dank for 20 a gram or about 40 an eight. the shit we get in nick bags arent seedy and stemmy, im just saying compared to his .5 for 15 of seedy stemmy shit, thats what i can get. lol. i think i confused myself.
  10. Pretty sure I have great connections in the south...
  11. *Reads title*

    Mutha fucka u crazy..
  12. you can get good weed down here...but its harder because the mexican schwag market is booming....i hate it but wat can ya do...either fork over 20 a gram for harder to find dank or get low quality to pretty good schwag for 50 an ouce. if i have no access to dank i usually buy schwag smoke some and make hash with the rest.

  13. Also, 5 a g is typical middie prices buddeh, at least for those who know how to find the shit.
  14. Miami is a little dry right now though

  15. exactly. most weed i get from my friend in the ghetto is middies. and its always $5 a gram, and it taste good, gets you stoned, its green, sticky, and smells like a skunks ass hole. and i even get a few seeds from it. not many, but a couple.
  16. So your saying allll the south has bad herbcause u got ripped off? Get real dude. You got ripped off cause obviously your not very bright and they saw that in you.
  17. Well i mean you are coming from Seattle, of the Dank....

    im from the 206 as well
  18. You bought your self some shitty stuff bro its your fault. I mean for 5 a g it's probably not gunna be the best.....
  19. Mids.. as long as its not just straight shwag
  20. getting sour d, green crack, mango kush, chemdog, lots of skunk, and purp down here in florida

    but yea of course its 20/g..try gettin your money up and it wont be a problem ;)

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