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Never even drank alcahol

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by barrys, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Hey there,
    I don't particularly think I will ever smoke weed. I don't drink alcohol or smoke tobacco or take any kind of drugs.
    I am really chilled out guy but I sometimes have trouble focusing. I do computer programming as a hobby and I literally take no drugs (not even prescription drugs).
    If I decide for one reason or another to consume weed, I want to know the pros and cons prior.
    I am pretty dead sure if I ever consume weed it will be casual. I do not go to parties so I think mostly won't consume this drug in social situations.
    If I am very moderate and continue to not ever drink or smoke tabacco, should consuming weed be okay just like generally alcohol is ok?
    I am clumsy and often forget things.
    How does smoking weed casually compare to drinking alcohol casually?
    If I am in a great state and just have real trouble focusing now and then is consuming weed worth it? Also, are brownies ok in small amounts?
    I do not want to damage my lungs, brain and I do not want to get high. I am wondering also if there is any point in consuming weed if you don't even want to get high?

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    Edibles can get you fucked up, or you could feel nothing. It depends on the amount of weed and experience that went into that batch.

    What was your question again?

    Also I'm sorry for saying weed isn't a drug. I really meant (and should have said) it wasn't a hard drug with serious side effects like alcohol, tobacco, or other unmentionables. The word "drug" to me, for the most part, has very bad connotations. I'm not retarded and I didn't need to get bashed from all directions. Guess I angered the forum. My bad... But have mercy on me and smoke your damn drugs. Sheesh.

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  3. I mean, it's kinda weird to smoke weed if you're not using it for health purposes AND you want to avoid being high.

    I guess you could shoot for a subtle buzz if that's what you mean - similar to having a couple drinks. In that case, I would recommend a couple small puffs from a joint. That way, you'll be able to taste the weed and feel it a little bit, but you wouldn't be "high" per se.

    Oh yeah, and if you're specifically trying to avoid getting high, it's best to stay away from brownies or edibles of any sort. They can be really hard to gauge as far as dosage.

    Also, whoever told you weed kills brain cells is full of shit. Studies show that THC actually promotes neurogenesis.
  4. Research CBD if you dont want to get high.
  5. Question for ya OP. Do you drink caffeine? If so, you are NOT drug free.

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  6. alcohol sucks
    just burn some herb :bongin:
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    Don't let anyone tell you that weed isn't a drug. It's a drug, just like caffeine or alcohol. It's not a hard drug, and when used responsibly, it's a good drug, but it is a drug nonetheless.

    The main difference between weed and booze is the fact that you can't overdose on marijuana. Once you build up a tolerance to marijuana, you'll also be able to do most things whilst high minus a few things that require serious cognitive functions. For example, I can drive, clean, workout, hold a conversation while high. I cannot write a full blown essay or take an exam while high

    Weed affects everyone differently. Some people fall into a lifestyle where they want to do nothing other than smoke weed. Other people, myself included, can maintain a college career, a job, friendships, and other extracurriculars and still smoke everyday. It's all about finding a right balance. For example, I only smoke at nights (a few exceptions here and there) when I've already finished my priorities for the day. That's the key in all of this: priorities and balance. I do not recommend edibles until you know how weed affects you

    Weed isn't necessarily GOOD for your lungs, but it's really not all that bad either. I maintain a 5 days/week workout routine, eat healthy, and hold a rather healthy lifestyle. I didn't notice any sort of significant decrease in cardiovascular endurance or lung capacity. In fact, THC is a bronchial dilator, which allows for dirt and other things to escape more easily.
    I'm not going to say that smoking weed is good for your lungs. That would be absurd, BUT using edibles or using a vaporizer have absolutely no affect on your lungs. So yes. It is possible to use cannabis without any negative affect on your lungs

    No. The whole point is to get high. The high will give you a sense of relaxation, euphoria, increased awareness, happiness, an increased sense of touch, and most people get the munchies. Negative side effects include: dry mouth. Those are just the average marijuana effects. They will vary based on strain.

    It doesn't kill brain cells. That's some stupid propaganda from the government

    TLDR: When you build a tolerance, you can do things while high that you can't do while drunk, like drive. Weed can be a great addition to your life when it's used responsibly. Smoking anything isn't good for your lungs, but weed isn't significantly harmful to lung health either. Vaping or edibles are ways to use marijuana without harming your lungs at all. Why would you smoke weed if you don't want to get high, OP? It doesn't kills brain cells.

    Any other questions?

    Happy toking!

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  8. Casually it's thr same. You enjoy it alone or with friends.
    It's been said that cannabis itself is benign yo human cells, only the tar from the smoke is damaging, and it's smoke is probably the safest smoke you can inhale (don't quote me on that haha).

    If you want to try cannabis for focus, there are other legal roots that do a better job at helping focus.
  9. Well I prefer weed opposed to alcohol any day! I don't even take Advil or my stupid ADHD mess I just smoke weed ! feel great everyday

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  10. There's no point smoking weed if you don't want to get high and don't have any medical issues.
  11. If you're not looking to get high, why bother?

    I am considered a moderate toker, I don't smoke everyday, and when I do it's only at night time when my work and chores and everything I needed to do are done. Weed is basically what I use for unwinding, and relaxing at night.

    If you can stick to this sort of routine, weed will be a lot funner, you won't spend nearly as much cause your tolerance will stay lower.

    Weed doesn't help me concentrate, it kind of allows your mind to wander all over the place, and I've tried many different, "legit" strains of both variety - indica and satvia. Some are better for creativity, however, I only take jot notes of what I'm feeling , because as I writer I can't sit and write 1000 words, but do get good ideas from time to time. Again, depending on the strain.

    It can and likely will cause anxiety at some point, especially if you get too high. This will go away in time, as you get used to the high and know how it affects you. You learn to enjoy the ride, per se.

    Cheers and have fun.

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  12. It's so weird, I'm not a huge drinker. At parties and on holidays I will, but I usually smoke. I don't notice many "cons" to smoking, other than getting burnt out after (when you start coming down from a high, you feel really tired and may have a slight headache depending on the quality of weed)

    I know some people who have become mindless. Like robots, they don't do anything because they smoke everyday and are just kinda trashy haha. But some people like myself can handle it, and don't really experience the side effects. Weed has helped me mostly with anxieties and insomnia. I have lost a shit ton of weight as well.

    And if you plan on doing it very casually I don't think it will be detrimental towards your health. Just nerd out and eat pizza and watch Star Wars or lotr or harry potter or something rad
    Lol omg retard post of the day!
  14. I like alcohol better. 
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    I'm sorry but;
    noun: drug; plural noun: drugs
    A medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.
    "a new drug aimed at sufferers from Parkinson's disease"
    Not trying to be condescending, just bothers me when people say weed isn't a drug.
  16. I'm so sorry the first response was "weed isn't a drug." That's pure retardery. Any educated smoker knows that weed is a drug. Ignorant people who say it isn't a drug just mean it isn't harmful like drugs you think of when you hear that word. Weed is very safe for most people. It's danger lies in abuse and emotional issues. Some people use it to hide from reality and some people use it because they need to be stimulated all the time. But be aware that some (many) people smoke all day every day (or just once to twice a day like myself) and they function perfectly and live happy lives. None of these situations will happen to you since you only plan on smoking weed casually.

    Don't try edibles until you've tried other methods of consumption. Edibles can be finicky and unpleasant for new smokers. I recommend getting a vaporizer (I love the magic flight launch box (cheap on eBay)) and taking a few puffs and just seeing how you feel. It may help you program or it may/probably will help you see the world in a new way. Everyone should try weed at least once.
  17. Oh and to answer your other questions: you definitely can get high without being very high especially with a vaporizer and especially NOT with edibles (I mean you can get an edible buzz but to a new smoker, probably not).

    I've never been a big alcohol fan because it feels too foreign in my system. for someone who doesn't use any drugs I think you might feel the same way.
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    Thanks for saying that man! I seriously wasn't gonna waste my time because see bold!
  19. My first stoning was via burnt bread with swhwagg and butter in the folded bread. Nasty but I was so high I couldn't swallow food and forgot how to speak. Fun times, not recommended for novice stoners.

    First time, if I could choose, would be vaporizing. No harmful tar, but still blow out satisfying clouds.
  20. can someone help me figure out how to post a question

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