Never-Ending Story

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  1. this is always funny. everyone, you know how to do it!

    i'll type the first line, someone else type the second and so on.

    There once was a young couple of about 25 years of age that lived in a large apartment stocked with the most intricate bongs imaginable.
  2. and one afternoon while they were enjoying a lunchtime puff on the trusty 3-footer and the whole building started shaking the bongs were falling and sshattering...IT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE!!!
  3. As they were just starting to get stoned, they realized that God was floating all around saying, "Pass the bong!".
  4. "Pass the bong to me and I will carry you away."
  5. But they then realized that there was no god floating around them, and there was no shaking, they were just high as hell and the shaking was thier imagination.
  6. the weed they had been smoking was laced with pcp. in a drug induced rage the couple started destroying everything in sight, stopping only to find that
  7. load up the bong take a hit and go on a road trip
  8. and so they jumped in the hippie van and headed for
  9. the airport where they were to get a plane to england where they knew the weed would be good. And when they got off the plane
  10. and got back on another plane and headed for amsterdam where the weed is the best. they got off the plane and
  11. suddenly realised they werent in amsterdam, or even on earth, in some freak accident they had landed on the moon, and were wearing space suits
  12. And as they stood there in mystic darkness with the look of surprise on thier faces When alongs comes this blond with very big tits , carrying a very big object as she gets closer its becomes clear shes carrying a big bud,
  13. the figure out that the moon is stoners paradise with big breasted women who grow weed all day. they sit down to smoke te bud and along comes
  14. a talking frog. the frog was name Luigi, and wore a green hat. Luigi always loved to smoke bud, and he lived in one of the towns most beautiful herbal gardens. The garden...
  15. Were full hallucinagenic colours of greens, reds, yellow, ect. and as they stood there staring at the colours things start to go very blurry and as things become more clear, they relize that this was all just a very big acid trip and the hallucinagenic colours was the just the lights on the christmas tree, And as they looked at each other......
  16. they realized they should quickly turn off the lights on the christmas tree, go to the kitchen, take shots of crown royal, take a couple Valiums, and mellow out for the rest of the night.
  17. Then the bloke realised that he was just in his bed with a bong in one hand and his nob in the other, so he then...
  18. took a huge bong hit, and spanked it till the sun came up.
  19. he then decided that it was a good time for a sun rise stoning and headed to the porch where he solared a fat bowl of dank, ate ritz crackers, and sipped crystal.
  20. Then, with the sun, satan came after and said 'he who dares, wins' The man took this as an insult, and started smakin satan with his bong.

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