Never Ending Depression From Break Up?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by LovingTree, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. It's been 2 weeks already, and i'm still depressed about losing my girl. We were together for close to a year. It was the first "love" relationship. We broke it off, and ever since then, i'm just thinking about all the good times I have had with her.

    It's all gone, and she's gone out of my life entirely. I feel so, so empty. So empty without her. My thoughts are narrow and simple, I don't want to even live.

    I've considered taking some MDMA to get over her, but idk if that would even work or not. I won't bother mentioning it any further, but I feel like it might help my depression more than weed.

    However, are drugs the answer to this...? Would molly help? This is my first time having a REALLY depressed feeling in life. She really affected me. Will it get better over time? Please help.

  2. Dude, Never-ending = 2 weeks???? :| I don't even know whether to take this seriously or not.

    She took 1 year out of your life.... guess what, you had... how many without her? You'll be fine, move on. Figure out what you want to do with your life, it wasn't like she was the one running the show? And if she was, now is your chance to take back control! Plan to "feel sad" for a few more weeks just because of the loss of having a familiar face around, but that sensation will be normal and will fade over time. As the old saying goes, it gets better.... but why wait for that? Get going on whatever you were going to do and STOP thinking about her. Watch a bunch of comedies and learn to laugh again.
  3. Gets better over time. Plus you meet other girls and things get better. Welcome to life.
  4. We should start a thread together where we tell Blades we'll help them solve their mental/physical health problems. Then, every solution can be "Eat right and exercise" hahahaha

    Yeah man, exercise is great when you're feeling depressed. Eat some nuts and seeds too, especially almonds, lima beans, and fava beans. Fish works wonders as well.

    I'd stop smoking weed for a while if you feel up to the challenge. For me, it would be harder to feel "normal" again for a long time if I smoked weed all through a period of depression.

    Humans are social animals. Go to a party or something like that and talk to some females.
  5. wait until you find the next girl you hook up with and sooner or later you will see the old X and she will prob not be as happy as she was with you NEVER look back it wont work out just move on it's for the best I bet the next love is going to be a hot little firecracker
  6. I was really depressed for a while after breaking up after a 2.5 yr relationship but I soon realized I didn't even really miss her, I just missed having a gf.

    So now I'm on the prowl and a lot happier.
  7. I just had a dream about her... :[ noo. It hurts even more. I just called her, but she didn't pick up. It sucks to tolerate this
  8. In my dream, I found her dead in some bathroom... I was crying. I like held her corpse against me and hugged her, but it was too late. She was dead :(

    Maybe that means she is dead to me now, i'll never see her again.
  9. hit the strip club,or a club,escort,etc..
  10. Sounds like you're trying to destroy yourself.

  11. Maybe I should. Sleeping pills sound nice,
  12. welp im out of this thread now

    good luck and get help buddy
  13. Your being rediculus dude. I was with my girl for 8 months and when we broke up i was heartbroke. Give it another week. Im fucking happier then ever now with a new girl. If i hadnt have broken up i would have not found this new girl. And im glad i did.
    Seriously. One door closes and another one opens. Now stfu and dont you dear think about suicide over some girl you were with for a year. Your being silly. People are together for like 30 years and they dont even kill themselves. Now suck it up. Run. Eat healthy. Go get pussy. I know everything i say will slip right by you because youre under this depression spell and you feel like its the end of the world. Your body is just addicted to the chemicals released when you experience love. Now your going through withdrawel. Just give it time and dont do anything stupid.
  14. Why did the two of you break up?
  15. What's your age op?
  16. I thought you were going to say years not weeks.
  17. [quote name='"LovingTree"']

    Maybe I should. Sleeping pills sound nice,[/quote]

    Are you trolling or just an attention whore? But without being an asshole that sucks man hope you work things out.
  18. 7 years for me... 7 dark years...

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