Never ending bug battle

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  1. Where do i start... Im sure some of you have followed along with my issues. All my plants look very healthy but the pests are my problem

    First gnats... Holy shit i had tons of gnats. Started at the gnats with sticky traps and mosquito bits. Sticky traps help but mosquito bits basically did nothing. Tried top dressing and soaking them in water over 24 hours, after 2 weeks of nothing i added neem oil to the mix... After 2 more weeks of spraying nothing...

    Learned about nematodes so i gave them a go... Holy fuck those little basturds wiped out the gnats. Within a week i see barley any gnats on my sticky traps. A few more applocations and i think they will be gone.

    After the gnats were gone i started noticed a bunch of bugs on the sticky traps... I have no idea what they are but juding by the damage happening on my leaves i am guessing thrips.

    170718_172411.jpg 170718_172357.jpg 170717_170350.jpg
    Can anyone else help confirm?

    So i started using deadbug brew this week. We will see how that goes.

    On my way out of my grow i keep a container of extra soil.. And ehat do i see but a trail of ants. I open the lid and sure as shit ants have moved into my extra soil. I spraied raid around the container and put a few bait traps in there and hoping for the best.


    Thrips? Yes no? How to prevent and kill them?

    Ants? How do i get them out of my soil. Im currently not using the soil its just extra when i need it
  2. If you've got thrips, 3 applications 3 days apart of the Dead Bug Brew, should set you straight.
  3. Thanks. Working on that now
  4. Mix equal parts borax and with jelly or with granulated sugar and water and make a paste. Apply it near the mound or opening of the ant's tunnel. The workers will take the paste into the nest and and kill the queen and wreak havoc on the colony.

    Get Rid of Ants in Your Vegetable Garden

    For thrips, consider releasing some Green Lacewings. The larvae feed for 2-3 weeks before becoming adults. They'll lay eggs which will perpetuate the biological control. The larvae are aggressive and will eat several different species of pest AND their eggs.

    A lot of the Oregon and Washington warehouse growers are using them in their IPM programs. They're also pretty cheap for a small grow space.

    Green Lacewing Eggs for Sale | Planet Natural
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  5. Can you get a clear picture of one, maybe not on the sticky trap. Those are not thrips. Way too big.

  6. Thank you so much. After the nematodes if much rather use bug warfar over pesticides.

    Will the deadbug brew hurt nematodes ?
  7. I will try...

    I have looked up many different common pests and i cant identity them....

    Also i am see tons and tons of what i hope are soil mites.... Like shit tons. Like it looks like my mulch is crawling with them
  8. I'm not sure if it will or not. I'd call the 800 number on the label tomorrow morning to find out.
  9. I said the same thing on another post. They don't look like any sort of thrips *I've* ever seen. But maybe the dead bug brew will still nuke them.
  10. You might want to consider contacting your local/state agricultural extension to get an accurate ID on those bugs. They really don't look like the thrips in my area, but they do come in many shapes and sizes. Do you have thrip damage on your plants?

    If you plan on mixing up that ant concoction that Chunk shared (link within link didn't work for me :confused_2:), please remember that the stuff is poison. Make sure to keep away from pets and kids, cause syrup is yummy! :eek:
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  11. I am seeing what looks like thrip damage on my lower leaves. Silverish spots. It looks exactly like thrip damage i have googled.

    Ehat else would cause damagr like that? Maybe im looking at the wrong place for bugs
  12. Wish I could be of more help to you. Bugs have never been a problem for me, so I really haven't had to take the time to learn much more than what is necessary to combat spider mites. I do know that Spinosad works well for thrips...
  13. Yes, it really does. Amazing stuff.
  14. Im just going to finish off my spinosad applications... Hit the nemtodes another 2 rounds and call it.

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