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never drinking again

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by applepie28, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. well, never drinking lightly again. it seems everytime i drink lightly, just tipsy/buzzed, i get a massive hangover. this never happens when i get drunk or wasted. so last night i was planning on drinking a lot but then we ran out of alcohol :( so i was stuck with a buzz and woke up this morning with a hangover. this ever happen to anyone else?
  2. dont know why but last night i drank 30+ beers & 3 crown & cokes and feel great today, About a week ago I drank two 22 buds & felt like shit the next day?
  3. That's alot of beer.

  4. i think its all about what u drink which determines the way u feel next idk
  5. You drank an entire case and three mixers and you somehow managed to avoid alcohol poisoning? I'm calling BS on that, sorry. I'm no serious drinker, and I'm not a real big guy, but I had around 18-20 the night I got an underage and I managed to blow a .295 and could have went to the hospital to have my stomach pumped. You've gotta be pushing 500-600 lbs eh?
  6. I never get hangovers unless I was drinkin on Juices that night

  7. ^^ true. last night was mostly beer with some various liquors thrown in. and a lot of hookah (no weed sadly) whereas im more of a wine person
  8. He could be a big person and have a very high tolerance? i've seen people who can drink a case a day like nothing. Alcoholics ftw:rolleyes:

  9. oh yeah, well I drank 60 beers and 12 shots and got less sober than I was before I drank!
  10. You are aware someone recently broke the record with a .7?

    I can very easily drink over 20 beers in a night and last night I drank a fifth of rum. I have drank a liter of rum in a night several times. 30 beers and a few drinks is almost call BS territory but not quite, especially since we don't know how long it took.

    OP you're saying when you get tipsy you get a hangover but when you get drunk you don't? :confused:
    You're doing it wrong
  11. I'm with you man, I just posted my thread in the box why I am not drinking again.

    It's my new years resolution.
  12. you bitches dont know how to drink. i dont wake up with a hangover, i wake up still drunk

  13. Bwahahaha man I think I heard about that shit. Some lady got caught in a stolen moving van drunker than ol cooter brown in SD near sturgis I believe. it was like a .710 or some shit. AMAZING. :eek:

    Also to the OP DRINK WATER before u go to bed. I will start drinkin water early if I am WASTED. Just to make sure my hangover isnt as bad or isnt there at all.

    Also EAT more food. If u drink on a empty stomach and u dont eat hangovers will be worse.
  14. I drank on a empty stomach last night :(

  15. Spoken like a true drunk. (I mean that in a good way :D)

    I have MANY friends just like u.
  16. I've never had a hangover in my life. I've drank 20+ beers many times, whenever I do drink, it takes 10 to get a buzz, 15 to get drunk.

  17. A .295 is honestly not all THAT much. If he has tolerance and is big he could have done it.
  18. Hell yeah!
    Anyways, don't lie. You know you're gonna drink again.
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    I dun think this is right. It is so hard to get alcohol poisoning from beer. You'd throw up before you would get alcohol poisoning. The water to alcohol ratio is so high.....

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