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Never Donating Plasma Again!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by twistpro420, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. I have donated plasma twice so far and both times had a bad experience. The first time I sat there for 3 hours and barely got any plasma. The nurse ladies also had a hard time finding my vein so they were poking around in my arm with the needle. After I left about an hour later I threw up and then was sick for a week and a half. The second time they had the same problem finding my vein and were poking around with the needle in my right arm, while the machine was running, like actually taking blood from my arm, but it wasn't working. So they paused the machine and took the needle out of my arm and ended up spillin blood all over my the couch type thing u lay on. The got a new needle and put it in my left arm, again having a hard time finding my vein. They connected the tubes and the machine started pumping blood back into my arm and where the needle was the blood congregated in my arm under my skin and made a huge lump in my arm. They quickly shut it off, pulled the needle out, gave me my money and let me leave without gettin a drop of plasma. The lump was in my arm for a day. It's been 2 weeks since the second donation and my left arm still has pain in it everyday at different times. My muscles in my left are constantly twicthing a spasming and sometimes start hurting. The people at this plasma center are not the most professional nor qualified to be working there it seems like. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if it went away or should i go to a doctor? I'm thinkin they poked a nerve or something, but not sure. the lady who poked the needle in my arm didn't seem like she knew what she was doing and was tryin not to let her boss see what she was doing. what do yall think?
  2. i think id be suing somebody
  3. what an american response :p
  4. This "Plasma" you speak of sounds kinda..important

    Why are you donating it for no pay
  5. i donated blood at a school blood drive once and my vein collapsed
  6. i feel like i should. the lady obvioudly didn't know what she was doing or had a lack of experience and didn't want her boss to find out and fucked up my arm. the shit spasms all day and is spasming now as i write this. i hurts mostly in the mornings
  7. i did mention money is my first post. i am gettin paid, but it's just not worth the pain and annoyance i gotta go thru
  8. I think I'd be getting a bloodborn pathogen/aids test. They sound like they have zero experience at all, and i'd be worried about dirty equipment.
  9. I dunno how you kept your cool....i woulda fuckin flipped if I saw professionals fuckin the job up that bad. The insults woulda been flyin

    I hate when people are allowd to do things that they cant. Learn on something unimportant like something other then another human
  10. I donate plasma 2 times a week easy ass money never takes longer than an hour and a half. I have huge veins though the big one in my right arm is probably over 1/4 inch wide easy when they pump the thing up on your arm. Most of the people who work there are either in school for a medical degree or already have one so I guess you either got really unlucky with the people working on you or your veins are very small.

    Oh yea and to the people who said to sue them I'm pretty sure you can't you have to sign a bunch of forms for stuff like that happening when you first start going unless he went some place other than I do its called Biolife Plasma.
  11. How much do you get per sesion? This is the same as donating blood right? I'm giving blood on friday just wanna make sure it won't fuck me over smoking wise.
  12. i donate twice a week. the place i go to is very professional and I've never run into a problem. it sounds like the place you went to isn't that great tho. that sucks. it sure is easy money.

    plasma is like the liquid part of your blood. but it's got other stuff in there too. they take your blood and separate the cells from the plasma and put the cells back in you then at the end the give you saline to help replace some of the fluids you've lost. you can give up to twice a week as long as there is 48 hours in between.

    as far as money they just recently lowered it. (it's right near the college i go to so they have plenty of donors so they could lower there prices and people would still go). i get 20 the first time in a week and then 35 the second time i go in a week.
  13. The place i go to is $20 the first time a week $40 the second time that week. It works out to about $20 an hour for me since its based on weight and I'm in the the biggest range 175+. I guess I will be getting more than that though once they finish their new center this fall because I have Rh negative blood and it is kind of rare.
  14. faaawk that, id never let people stick needles in my arm for cash...fuck that...ill go to work and hustle on the side and be content.
    i honestly wouldn't even do it for 500 dollars...probably a G. but 50 bucks? i dont think so
  15. I got a few questions for you. First off why did you go back and donate again after being sick for a week? Do you not know signs your body tells you? Cause your body was screaming I'VE GOT ANEMIA! Don't give blood again. Some pplz veins/bodies are too weak to give fluids, and yours is one of them. So it wasnt there fault, it was just your body telling you no quit! Please listen and you won't have any problems. Also for the ones who said dirty equipment, untrained workers etc along those lines. They have inspectors come in and check there shit all the time. They just don't take everyday johns off the street to run the machines. You have to take classes, and pass tests to work the machines on you. So they are trained and have plenty experience otherwise they would not be running them.
  16. It's amazing they take your blood so often as you are risking anemia. In Canada they come around with their blood drives every two or three months. Here they don't pay for blood, just use volunteers, On the other hand there is no charge for blood if you need it. Leave it to the US to turn a profit on everything, the only thing free there is the air and they are probably working on a way to charge for that.
  17. Think of it this way; You take your car to a mechanic to replace your brake pads, while putting the tire back on he dents one of your rims. While driving home you notice your car isnt handeling like it should. What do you do?

  18. They don't take ANY blood so no you aren't risking anemia. They take out a small amount of blood seperate the plasma put the blood back in than do that a few more times then you are done.
  19. i really needed the money. i was getting 60 bucks for my second donation, so i figure that maybe it was just a first time sickness and my body would adjust to it, but now i see i can't. they said my veins were small, but i'd be ok if i drank a lot of water, which i did. the people that work there don't have a fuckin clue and they're are just people that live in the town who recieved training on JUST learning how to stick people. no medical degree or pursuit of degree
  20. forget you man, don't talk shit about the U.S. stick to the fuckin topic. and btw i'm talking about plasma NOT donating blood. blood donations are non-profit. learn something and don't try to bash on the U.S.
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