Never doin business with that punk again

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    k, so this was really recent. Just this past sunday. I've been trying to meet up with my dealer for a couple days now so I can get a gram offa him, and eventually through alot of delayed conversations on facebook (about 5 minutes or so between responses...tard) I get set up to meet this dude at the local transit station.

    I'm at my school on sunday workin on an assignment. That's right sunday, my campus is open 24 hours so I try to make the most of it. I leave at around 7:30. It takes me an hour to get back, cause I gotta take 2 buses. We arrange to meet at the transit station at 8:30. He gives me a number he said I can reach him by (his cell phone was apparently fuckin up so that complicates things) and I even test it out before I leave just to make sure I can actually communicate with him. Its all set, I said see you at half past, and I get on my bus.

    I get to the station, and I give him a call. He said before on the facebook chat that its a 3 minute drive from his place to the station. Of course, this guy doesn't answer. I try texting him, hes not answering.

    Currently the temperature ain't too bad for night time if you have a jacket, but I'm only wearing a swearter and a long sleaved shirt. I'm starting to get pretty cold. I wait there for 40 fuckin minutes, periodically calling this guy only to here an un-activated answering machine. At about 45 minutes I give up, and I call my mom because earlier I would have walked the 20 minutes but I'm just too fuckin cold for comfort, and I'm really pissed off.

    Yeaaa, bullshit. I msg him on facebook askin wtf happened, and so far he hasn't msg me back. This guy is a total fuckin douche in my book now and I'm never gonna talk to him again, cause he obviously does not want to deal with me. Even tho he OFFERED to be my dealer in the first place. Ass hole...

    I've only done business with this guy once and that was a pain in the ass too. I only stuck with him cause I thought he was a decent guy and he gave me some pretty good weed.

    Just wanted to rant. Fuckin punk.

  2. if hes making u go through all that shit for jsut a G thats ridic man... ask some of ur homies that live on campus whos got the shit cause theres probably/definitely dealers living possibly next door to you.

    hope all goes well with quest for a new dealer!
  3. that dealer sounds no good. He set you up right? You should set him up. Wouldn't solve anything, but it would just be a little revenge. Nothing major. :)
  4. Damn that sig is hot
  5. thats a bitch! wow, there is no way I would have even waited that long, hope you have been able to score some since then.
  6. I hate when that happens man. This one night I call up my buddy a few towns away because he told me he could hook me up with haze, so he says okay I'll call you in a bit. Ten minutes go by and he calls me back telling me to go to this school near him and then call his guy so he can direct me to his house from there. I get to the school and call the kid but he doesn't answer, so I wait a few minutes and try again. Right as I'm calling him, I see a cop roll up to the school and enter the lot. Luckily I was on the side of the school and he went around back from the other way so I booked it out of the lot and took off down the road before he came around. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off and so was my buddy.
  7. No I have not. Thats the other thing. I've been able to get by just by smokin some resin for a couple days but I'm utterly and truly out of anything to smoke now.

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