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  1. Have you guys never or known someone that’s never cleaned their bong? What can happen? Can you get a bacterial or fungal infection from it? Just asking because a buddy of mine had a bong he never cleaned for 2 years, got sick last July and he’s been having weird health problems since, like he’s just not the same guy anymore and we think it was from this dirty bong he was using.
  2. Could be mold growing in there. Your buddy might want to get checked out by a doctor.
    Could be serious. You Really don't want mold growing in your lungs.
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  3. Lots of people die every year from dirty bongs. It's becoming an epidemic. Isopropyl Alcohol saves lives!
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  4. Yeah, you can get an abseth on your tonsils/wall of your throat. Shit hurts man. I got one from a mixture of dirty bongs(but not 2yr dirty, that's just gross.), biting my finger nails after long shifts in a kitchen (when you finish in dish.... and don't think about it an hour later), and bad dental hygene. Concoction for suffering for 5 days in a hospital wishing you were dead instead. Fucking sucks. Tell your homey clean his his shit!
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  5. Can you get pics of this bong , like to see the amount of build up and gunk haha :toke:..
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  6. Has anyone ever smoked or known anyone that’s smoked a dirty bong that hasn’t been clean in 2 years? Can you get sick? Can you get a fungal infection? I got sick last July and haven’t been the same person. I have a number of health problems now like a constant headache, lack of awareness, lethargy, afterimages, and forgetfulness. Can someone please help I’m on my knees begging
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  7. Yes you can probably get sick. Mold and nasty shit that's bad for you can start to grow in there. We obviously can't diagnose you, you need to see a doctor. Though it's probably just in your head if this was from a year ago.

    Clean your bong from now on too (everyone should, shit is gross bruh)
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  8. Op won’t be even post a pic of this grimy black resin filled bong haha. :love-mj: Prob looks like it came out of a tar pit.
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  9. if you back read... i think. He said "oh i threw it out" which is code for "ya'll gonna roast me if i post this dirty thing"
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  10. Yeah I can’t even go more then 2 sessions without cleaning it . Still having issues not getting high every time , does smoking it faster help ? Or just inhaling it properly?
    it looks like loud but thc levels must be low.
  11. tolerance. Man, I started dabbing.... flower doesnt hit the same now and it pisses me off so much lol.
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  12. I have one hoot and put this out or I get the sketchies... (I just did as a matter of fact),
    but some weed, I smoke a fat joint to myself and I don't get high...
    just got to find the right strain I think.
  13. It’s weird my parents must get high off this stuff but for me it’s like , multiple sessions eventually I get high . But a high fail rate been a month since I was high enough to call it a success.
    Yeah it sucks .. I barely smoke at all and high tolerance?
  14. i moved to alabama. if you know you probably feel bad for me as i used to live in FL. where they just don't care anymore. Had to go almost a month without bud. Smoked when my bud brought some up for me. 3 hits in and i was toasted. Staring at the ceiling feeling like it was my first time all over again. Its got a lot of factors but breaks do help. I'm like hardcore smoker before this break.
  15. Haha I wish 3 hits of this loud got me high but it just isn’t working. I know it’s not mids .:toke: Maybe my meds are weakening it?or just high tolerance?
  16. [​IMG]
    Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis is a long-term fungal infection caused by members of the genus Aspergillus—most commonly Aspergillus fumigatus.[8] The term describes several disease presentations with considerable overlap, ranging from an aspergilloma[12]—a clump of Aspergillus mold in the lungs—through to a subacute, invasive form known as chronic necrotizing pulmonary aspergillosis which affects people whose immune system is weakened. Many people affected by chronic pulmonary aspergillosis have an underlying lung disease, most commonly tuberculosis, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, asthma, or lung cancer.[8]

    Aspergillus fumigatus is a species of fungus in the genus Aspergillus, and is one of the most common Aspergillus species to cause disease in individuals with an immunodeficiency.
    Aspergillus fumigatus, a saprotroph widespread in nature, is typically found in soil and decaying organic matter, such as compost heaps, where it plays an essential role in carbon and nitrogen recycling.[1] Colonies of the fungus produce from conidiophores; thousands of minute grey-green conidia (2–3 μm) which readily become airborne. For many years, A. fumigatus was thought to only reproduce asexually, as neither mating nor meiosis had ever been observed.

    as posted elsewhere
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  17. What’s up with all ththese threads were no one ever cleans there bong ? Can you get pics of this bong for reference? I clean mine once every 2-3 sessions . Too much nasty stuff to deal with for me not to clean it , I can’t smoke out of a dirty bong now but I used to clean it only once a month or less years back . I never got sick but I started cleaning it much more often . :toke: When a former freind told me my bong was gross .:eek::sad:
  18. also noticing they're new profiles. Like this literally sounds exactly like the other thread we both made a comment in.

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