Never came from a BJ

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  1. Title says it all.

    Ive gotten plenty of BJs from a number of women but I have never once actually came from one.

    This could be for a few reasons, not long enough, I had a relatively late circumcision in my life, etc.

    Its not like they were bad, in fact, I dont think Ive received one bad BJ in my life, its just that for whatever reason my dick wont cum...

    Am I in the minority here?
  2. Same here.....doesn't matter how long I get a bj whenever I'm getting close to cumming she always stops Or something happens and we gotta stop its bull shit man
  3. looks like u guys need some better girls....

  4. lol i dunno man.

    Ive even had a pretty slutty and vastly more experienced chick go absolutely HAM on my shit and still no avail....
  5. I can count on one hand the times it's worked for me. I had similar thinking, "its just not as good as sex and its not ever going to work." Then I tried closing my eyes and thinking about my fantasies, and I came after a few minutes. Try it next time.
  6. I haven't ever either. It's just not fast or hard enough for me, it seems. Feels great but I can't build up.

    Yeah, I think we're in the minority, but BJs for me are just foreplay.
  7. Yup. I cant help but be thinking " id much rather be ramming her."
  8. I love blowjobs but Iv never once had this problem
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  10. You might just have trouble because of anxiety.. You get anxious?

  11. Same thing here for a guy going down on me. If you think of something that turns you on, it's easier.

    BJ's are probably more for foreplay or just mixing things up. Thanks for making this thread, though. It's good stuff to know. :p

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