Never Buy Bud Off Craigslist

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  1. so I was chillin at a buddys place and we were down to blaze. all my dealers weren't pickin up their phones, so we decided to check craigslist for bud. I searched up kush, and found a few numbers to call for eigths and up. We call up askin for 2 ounces, and the guy says ye its chil..

    About 40 mins later the dealer comes, me and my buddy go in the car to grab the bud. Next thing I know the guy pulls a knife and says empty out your pockets. At this point my buddy had the o's in his hand, and he was telling him to give it back plus the money+phones and shit. I had mace in my jacket pocket, so I was like "yo man sorry we dont want any troub-PSSSSHHHHHTPSHTPSHT" I made it look like I was grabbing my phone, then I sprayed that mothrfucker in the face and punched him out. we checked his pockets and car, got about 400$ and a couple zipz of some dank kushh.!

    everythin is all good until we get out of the car and some blue lights pull up, the cruiser approaches us and im carrying the 2 ounces in full view, mace in the other hand, my eyes are waterin up cause I maced myself a bit too (being in the car) , so quickly I chucked the weed back into the guys car while we booked fucking shit into the forest. some cops chased us down but I kept jumping over fences and finally managed to get away..

    The cops would have found this guy knocked out and maced up with a weapon and 2 ounces of kush in his car,,, we managed to get away safely with my money .

    After that my buddy called me up from the house an said they got our usuall dealer to come, so we grabbed a 20 sac and chilled out.

    Crazy fucken night !!
  2. Well shit man. Fuck that guy.
  3. Who the fuck would even try to buy bud off craigslist like seriously wtf
  4. It sounds like karma got her work cut out for her.
    That's like instant triple karma at its best
    Great story dude! :smoke:
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  6. damn shoulda tried to book it with an ounce have a harold n kumar moment but you woulda been fucked if they caught u, too bad the police showed up or you'd be loaded right now
  7. Ahahaha fuck that!! 10/10!
  8. dude you should've brought the weed and the money with you!!

    bullshit or not good story man :D:smoke:
  9. Yeah man at least tell us how you ran off with the 2 ounces and proceeded to smoke it all that night.

    Ended the story with a dubsack wtf
  10. Wow man this story seems so real and cool! Why the fuck would the dude give you 2 ounces in your hand and THEN try to rob you? "I punched him out" lmfao happy trolling
  11. Lol. All that trouble for a G? Throw down a $50 from that $400, you'll get more bang for your buck.
  12. Buy 2 ounces off random guy from Craigslist, 20 sac from real dealer.
  13. LOL the mace was my favorite part.
  14. I didn't actually read anything in this thread at all.
    I just looked at the title and knew it would be the most sensible thing involved.
  15. lol if I ever buy mace its gonna be bear mace, a cloud of that shit will knock 6 people the fuck out.
  16. [quote name='"Americandutchyz"']lol if I ever buy mace its gonna be bear mace, a cloud of that shit will knock 6 people the fuck out.[/quote]

    Haha, sounds good until you're in a car like the OP and spray that shit... You'll get it just as bad
  17. Yeah the dub at the end threw me off haha wtf.

    Also why would the guy show up with actual bud if he just wanted to rob you makes no sense.
  18. I hope this is true, because if it is, mad props. I hate thieves, I've been robbed a few times too. Probably lost about 500 dollars to drugs in my lifetime (Stolen drugs, that is).

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