Never bring tobacco products grow room

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by mikecully, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. So I pulled rookie mistake never bring tobacco into grow rooms believe it or not tobacco can carry a virus called tpv or some shit lol. No matter what u do the plant won't die however it won't grow either I had two plants could figure the shit out thought it was from nutrients... Two months into grow these guys only grew four half inches same strain as all my other girls first two pics are of my district nine girls third is grow room everything has been done to same for All plants. Took me four months of asking around tediously then one day an old timer says hey u smoke? Bingo ! Wash your hand before u even touch plants never thought this shot was possible! The cig smoke will do this to em too only effects some plants not whole garden but is most effective to spread virus if leaves touch virus plant or rub up against shits seriouse!
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  2. I'm gonna keep my zombie district nine girls just to see what happens I'm a little interested. There are a few white hairs that start white at node then the tip of em are bright red it's kinda a bummer but same time kinda interestingly kewl when I say keep them I mean separate from other plants do if ur s closet grower or basement grower and smoke in house I wouldn't. Recommend doing it in those rooms

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