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Never bought weed before. What do I need to know?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SuaveSeadonkey, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. So ive been smoking once or twice a month for about 2 years now but never bought it myself. Ive always just had it brought home by my brother or smoked with friends Don't get me wrong, I always pay for my shit and im not a freeloader. But frankly i'm paranoid about getting caught. Im buying it from somewhat friends. Not ppl that I hang out with regularly but kids that I know are legit. Ive heard the best way to drive with weed is tucked in your underwear? I just need some good advice. Also whats the reg price per gram so i can be sure im not getting fucked.
  2. I'd say the general price per gram would be $10, and the safest way to drive it home is to not be a dumbass and follow all the laws. You're not a dumbass are you?
  3. Ask people around your area that you know smoke pot for prices, why not just ask your brother to hook you up with his guy? And transportation is easy man, relax and flex your rights if you do get pulled over, which you probably wont

    Good luck in your smoking career man, it's a fun and long journey.
  4. I keep my bags in my socks, and drive the speed limit. $10 would be regs or mids, never pay more than $15 for a gram either
  5. Price depends on location.

    For me, anything that isn't chronic is $10 a g, $25-$35 an eighth, and $60-$70 a quarter.

    Dank nugs are usually $20-$25 a g, $50-$80 an eighth, and $100-$140 a quarter.

    I know my prices are high, but it's the price I gotta pay to get high :smoking:

    Like Yoda said, drive smart and follow all the rules, like you should be doing anyway.

    Good luck!
  6. 5 a g for regs man
  7. Hell no, haha. Never been in trouble with cops other than a traffic violation.
  8. Okay, first of all : Buy a scale for $8 off ebay. You will never get skimped by your dealer if he knows you have one. Trusted friends scammed me for years...

    Secondly, it's usually 10/g in Canada/California, and then about $20/g in the rest of the US.

    I'd say most people can get deals on higher quantities though.
  9. Price depends on the type of bud if your getting reggie then its like 7 grams for 20-25 but dank is around 20 a gram and far better quality. just make sure that when you go to get it that they have it with them. Never let someone take your money and "come right back" with your bud. Ask them to see it on their scales if they are confident in there salesmanship they will have no problems doing so. And getting pulled over only happens if an officer has a reason to do so. So make sure to drive safe. In the off chance you do get pulled just be sure that everything is put up before hand. Be sure to look up the laws regarding cannabis in your state and unlawful search and seizure. Always know your rights.
  10. Well guys just got back from my first buy and it was a good experience. Got to see it weighed out and paid $60 for an eighth. I just smoked my first "self bought weed" bowl and its a great one. Thanks for the moral support haha
  11. Don't demand it to be scaled out in front of you it's just a small purchase, I don't know why so many people recommend that, I think it would be embarrassing. Just get your own scale. Other people's scales can be off/be manipulated to begin with so it's irrelevant. You'll just look like you're too paranoid, "yeah man.. I wanna make REAL GOOD SURE this $20 purchase is exactly 1.0"

    I mean, come on get real people who say that stuff. Scaling is for big purchases and for the dealer to double check himself as well before giving away hundreds or thousands worth of pot away.

    They will give you what they will give you, if you have your own scale and know it's off tell them. If not, just be quiet and or stop buying from them.
  12. I maintain the best way to get a good dealer is to get your friend/bro to make the introduction. You obviously know smokers, so next time ask them if you can get in on their grab.
    *they normally buy a 1/8th? ask em to buy a Q and urll split it with them.
    Then make the meet with the dealer, and get the number.

    Now the dealer will prob offer the same prices as ur bro/buddies get and your set.
  13. I didn't tell him too do he just did. Haha I got some chill ass dealer friends.
  14. Don't front, don't sketch, don't overpay, ask him/her to scale, examine bud closely.. even if you feel like their in a rush.

  15. I look at buying cannabis the way I look at buying anything else; I want my money's worth.

    If a guy sells me .9 for $20, I just gave him two dollars, and why would I want to give him free money? That's my time and energy!

    Ask him to scale it if you're buying .3 grams.
  16. For about 3 years, a close friend of mine sold me weed. I had no scale, so I trusted him and his scale.

    Turns out he had screwed around with it, and I was getting about .4 per "gram". Never gave me anything back when I finally got my own scale.

    I'm not saying bring it, just double check :smoke:

  17. I have a problem with that terminology....
    Id call him your worst enemy...
    That shit be fuct yo!

  18. thats also the dealer hlding something nillegal that he is laible for and you should just not complain and take waht yu get. that two dollars wasnt "free"
  19. #19 bahookahjoe18, Nov 22, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2011
    fuct lol

    If he doesn't want a scale then he shouldn't be dealing. Grocery stores don't charge you for the cash registers.

  20. I agree with you, depending on what your definitions of "big" and "small purchases" are :D.

    I probably wouldn't ask to see it scaled if it was under an eighth (or maybe under a quarter) -- I'd just check it at home and tell them (or stop buying from them), like you mentioned.

    Definitely awesome...always nice to see that people still think being completely honest in business is a good thing :)

    I like the way you put this! Just change it to "ask him/her to scale unless you're buying a small amount" :p

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