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Never bought hash. should i buy 1g and a gram of hash.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThatSmokeWagon, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. hey guys, i got like 50 to drop at the clinic. is it worth it to get just a gram of weed n hash.. or a few grams of low weed n some hash. or would u recommend budder/wax/oil to put on top of the bowls. Or is it unefficiant and shuold i buy all weed.
  2. Honestly if your not dabbing , i wouldnt really get oils or hash. There amazing, but 50 dollars worth of weed is more worth it than blowing money on potent hash. You really wont realize the full effect until your dabbing or cooking
  3. Fasho. yeah aint there yet. ill just voulcher off my friends abit. I just need a stronger high. i can smoke so much and not get high. n i love being in the zone high.

  4. It seems like your getting sativa's at the clinic. Try getting some strong indicas. It will really put you on your ass:smoke:
  5. I'd buy $50 worth of weed and QISO the stems
  6. U can gets grams of hash at some clinics for $15 ........

    Gram of hash last me longer than a gram of indica .....

    Don't get wax unless you can get some lower priced to put on top of your bud ....

    Ask for an OG ..... Don't be afraid to walk out of the clinic if it's not top shelf .... Who cares if they say it's good

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