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  1. So I am new to growing I have been reading up on it for sometime now. Although I do have plans to put up a little room inside my shed (that is a decent size) I was wondering many things but just wanted some help on temp. I was going to start my grow in the winter months and my question is when lights go to 12/12 will the temp inside the room fall below to a dangerous level. even if the room is insulated. I was going to do a test run before I actually did this, I was going to set the light up for 12/12 with out no vegetation at first and see how far the temp goes down. and how long it will take to come up to temp after the lights go on. So how much temp change is allowed or should the rooms stay a consistent at all times???????

    And one more ? I see alot of talk of molasses. What are the benefits and or why is it used???
    Thanks guys
  2. a shed grow would light up and would be a major red flag to any infrared detecting helicopter.
  3. i was planning on insulating and osb boarding this hole area, it is the loft in my shed
    my room 001.jpg

    and then i was going to insulate and osb board underneath where I would put my room.
    my room 002.jpg
    i didnt plan on using the whole shed for a grow i was thinking of putting a insulated box up in the loft and all the other insulation up in between the beams. the loft width is 12' wide and 6' high at the peak. if it is still a bad idea is that just for winter what about in the earlier spring months and then again in hte late summer months. I mean I can't start it now but if I could it would definately be finished by the time november came around wouldn't it. still a bad idea cork?????
  4. I would just make damn sure the shed is insulated to the max... the problem that you'll have though is not with FLIR seeing the heat IN the's your exhausting of the heat that will set off the red flag.

    Gotta find a way to exhaust the hot air in some fashion as to hide it...either underground (total hassle) or get an AC unit (another red flag) for the shed...

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