never been so blazed

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  1. okay so ive been smoking pot for about 5 years coming this b-day :D
    yesterday i got paid and decided i wanted to buy a half oz and splurge the night away.
    well since i still live at home and my parents dont care what i do.
    i invited a few friends over and we blazed about 4-5 fat bowls on my new bong.
    then we went over to my buddies apartment which is about 3 blocks away. very convenient for stoned kids leaving my house to go over there.

    ive still got almost a half oz right now.
    and i walked to a gas station thats really close aswell and bought a pack of grape cigarillos
    and went back to my friends house and rolled 4 blunts and we smoked these 4 blunts in about 45 mins between 4 of us.
    and by that time i was so couch locked that i almost blacked out and couldnt spit my words out quite right haha. man so blazed.
    then everyone started coming down so i walked to the gas station and bought another pack of cigarillos and the lady just stared at me and she said back already?? your eyes are already quite red/ i just started laughing hysterically and said yeah i just like smoking these. she so knew i was blazed

    then i go back and rolled 4 more and we smoked them.
    i then go outside sitting in a hammock and i just stared off into the sky for a good hour and a half.
    then we all played beer pong for a few hours. just a good night
    thought id share it with GC
    im sorry about my grammar etc. im really high right now
    have a good day:D
  2. Haha thats pretty sweet I lold at the gas station part.
  3. yeah it wasnt even 2 hours apart from when i was there earlier
    man i smoked more than 100$ of good mids in 2 hours
  4. Nice job:hello:I've had the same thing happen at the same gas station. I pretty much buy blunts there every day, and sometimes go multiple times in a day. The one lady that works there is my the shit, I always want to ask her to burn with us.
  5. The gas station part reminds me of a something that happened to me a couple days ago. So I go to this local shop that sells incense, Floyd, and Grateful Dead stuff and also has a very nice selection of pipes. I buy a 2 foot long steamroller, go over to my friends house, smoke a few bowls (the thing hits like a bong! I named it The Beast) then we go back to the store where I bought it from completely blazed. I buy a couple batties for my friends, and the guy who sold me The Beast says: "Hey I recognize you! You stole that steamroller from me." I laugh and say "I HIGHLY recomend it." He laughs and then I give him the money for the batties.

    Then I walk away leaving the batties on the counter cuz I was so high. Everybody that was working at the store knew it and started laughing at me.

  6. haha thats badass
    i hate forgetting shit when im blazed tho
  7. haha that reminds me of a story..

    well one day picked an 8er up and went to go get a wrap from the Local Shop. So i decided i was going to get a new spoon just for the time being. and it was shitty to say the least. i was so baked idk why i even picked that one out. anyway back to the story.

    i go up to pay the guy and he said 23$. i handed him 21. and zoned the fuck out on some stuff behind the counter. after about a solid 45 seconds of him basically yelling in my face i snapped back into it and he said just take it for 21$. so i said thanks, turned around, and realized a decent size line built up when i was zonin'..

    i started laughing right away and couldnt hold it back.

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