Never Been In truble wit the cops

Discussion in 'General' started by foamdohm, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. untill 2 days ago, and then AGAIN today.

    i mean wtf, lol ive been tokin for a year and then we were smoking in a parking lot and a car full of dea officers comes out and raids my car.

    they played 1000000 questions then they left and DIDNT EVEN TAKE THE WEEEEEED WTF!

    then today we were smoking on the way to football and another cop tells us to stop and leave before we get in real trouble.

    lol seriously, i know that i guess its a little lucky to get a warning but has all our reckless smoking in random places wore off and caught up to us?

    i guess its a L2 b more carefull wake up call .

    any body else had bad streaks of smokin?
  2. You were approached by DEA while smoking in a parking lot, then TWO DAYS LATER you smoked in the car again on a way to football.

    Either you're lying or the one of the luckiest people on here.
  3. complacency is a bitch man, you get so carried away thinkin you're golden then one day it all comes slamming down
  4. how do dea officers not take your weed, and you, to jail in handcuffs?

    i say quit smoking. the man is probably watching you, right now.

  5. QFT....

    If it's the truth... You lucky fucker... Take it as a omen man and be extra fucking silver careful.
  6. 5 years of smoking and not one bust. Must be lucky..
  7. cause the DEA doesnt give a fuckin shit about some kids smoking pot, thats why...
    when i got raided by the boys in blue, my friend had a fake ID(thats a felony) on him and over 20 grams of bud and they didnt give 2 shits. they're out to bust dealers, not users.
    smarten up.
  8. depends on what they have going on. i really doubt any federal agent will let anything slide. even if they didnt bust the kid, they could take the bag and dispose of it. i dont buy it.

    the dea busts dispesatories in california. (the medical marijuana clubs.) just because the federal law conflicts with cali state law. bullshit if you ask me. but i guess theyre not busy busting cocaine trafficing routes and meth labs.
  9. ^^^I don't doubt that they'd pay little attention to a group of people smoking marijuana if they were specifically looking for other people, but I'm sure you'll admit that it's pretty unlikely that anyone on this board would be in that sort of situation.

    Hell, what do I know, though? Crazier shit has happened.

  10. Hah, im not lying , why would i post a thread thats a lie?

    anyway , they asked us wat grades we got and shit and if we ever got locked up blah blah and then one guy said to the other "theyre good kids"

    so i guess they knew we werent wat they were looking for.

    also the second time it turned out that it was somebody i knews dad, who was the off duty cop , but i wasnt friends with him so it wasnt like ohh hey not allowed go home,

    so i guess i am pretty lucky
  11. All your luck?

    It just ran out.

    From this point on... The game is played for real.


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