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Never been drunk before... comparisons to being high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ranger Smith, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Literally EVERYONE is dry. I have NEVER had alcohol before... it has never appealed to me, because I always figured being high was more "fun", like you feel more pleasure, and it's better.

    But what is being drunk like? I am asking because my friend wants me to come over at midnight, drink a few beers and watch "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", and I also have 2 beers in my fridge for when I get back.

    I'm guessing I'll drink about 4 or 5 beers at the most... I'm 6'1, 170-180 pounds.

    I've never been drunk before, is it at least somewhat fun? SHould I do it?
  2. No shit you should do it. It's better than being high
  3. I hate drinking. I don't really think its similar to weed. Fuck drinking. Smoke uppp :smoke:
  4. It is not better than ganja. 4-5 definitely won't be too much.
  5. My friend told me "You should come get drunk with me, trust me, it's more fun that being high because you are happy and want to do stuff, like you're really hyped".

    Are you guys being serious when you say it's better than weed, or bsing me?

    I just seriously never had the urge to drink because I always had bud available, but since everyone is dry I want to try it, lol.
  6. Fuk no hate that shit. God made green man made beer in god we trust
  7. Pure preference, but you obviously know... theres constantly "weed vs alcohol" threads/debates.

    I began drinking fairly young, and sometime around grade 11 or 12 i just started growing out of it. I dont even like getting 'drunk' anymore, i just prefer to drink socially. Have a few drinks, loosen up.

    Thats just how what i prefer though.

    My advice is to take it slow, especially the 1st time... it takes some people longer then others to learn their limits.
  8. Yea drinking is cool if you dont have emotional baggage...unless you want all your friends to hear about it..make sure you have cool people to bullshit with and its a good time
  9. It's better than weed in some ways, not better in most. However, definitely get drunk dude! Fuck it. You'll probably feel more talkative, warm, and happy/comfortable.

    Not really comparable to weed but at the same time, they both make you feel good. And 5 beers isn't really shit, especially since you'll probably be drinking shitty beer (no offence, I have no idea what you'll actually be drinking, but it'll probably be like miller light or budweiser or heineken or coors light) (start drinking Hop Czar or Hop Devil or Dogfish or New Belgium or whatever IPAs really once you start to like the actual taste of beer)

    It's a LOT harder to tweak out on beer than bud, except at like blackout amounts, which you won't be drinking.

    This is the opinion of a man who enjoys maybe two good beers a night. (right now I'm on my third Hop Czar, fuck working at 6 on Saturdays =/ I don't drink to get drunk anymore though, I do it for the taste)
  10. Drinking is fucking awesome. Being smashed is on another level when compared to being ripped, but they are both awesome. However, most people smoke because you can control yourself in public and it is more casual, in a sense. But basically, you lose some of your control of your basic functions and bodily actions. You can't really walk straight, and you just say whatever is on your mind. However, 4-5 beers probably wont get you close to that level.
  11. It's total preference. Just if you drink don't drive man! Bring those beers in your fridge to you friends and spend the night there.
  12. I'd say 4 beers will get him a good buzz to start...when I havent drank forever a 6 pack gets me super buzzed (dark beer) but I get more buzzed off beer than liquor
  13. After having to watch a friend of mine to make sure he didn't drown in his own vomit over night, idk why anyone likes getting drunk. Drinking is nice in moderation though.
  14. Iv been drunk once.. HATED IT.. Tried pot, Loved it.

    Weed For Life.
  15. Your not going to get drunk drinking 4-5 beers weighing that much. I weight 132 (I'm very skinny as I'm a VERY vigorous swimmer who burns 1500 calories+ in just one swim session). and I don't get drunk til I have around 7-8. But you might throw up if you drink alot more than that.

    Shots before beer and your in the clear.
  16. #16 Arckaic, Nov 26, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 26, 2011
    Taste bad
    Lose self control
    Happy 'till you get sick and puke everywhere
    Do things you will regret
    Lose self control
    Get sick, puke everywhere again
    Do more things you will regret
    Pass out with possible alcohol poisoning
    Wake up, still sick, possible puke everywhere again

    Don't want to do stupid shit
    Won't puke
    Won't do things you regret
    Pass out
    Won't be sick in the morning
    Doesn't taste bad
    Won't get DUI (usually)

    I don't know, take your pick. Be careful if dude is trying to get your drunk by yourself at his apartment.

    Oh yeah, I forgot. Under drunk, possible rufies.
  17. Friend just IMed me... said he has a bottle of rum, vodka, 6 beers, and 2 bottles of wine.....
  18. Also, do you smoke cigarettes? Because you'll love them 5938423874% more when buzzed/drunk. Like if you smoke half a pack a day (I don't but hey a lot of people do), you'll definitely go through the pack that night. They make the buzz like a million times better (even though I told you you'd love them five-billion, nine-hundred thirty-eight million, four-hundred twenty-three thousand, eight-hundred seventy-four times more than while sober)
  19. Is this friend Paul Banks?

    Edit: you know what fuck it, that shit's not funny anymore. Yes, being drunk is better than being high, but smoking weed beats drinking alcohol any day. The side effects aren't worth it when it comes to alcohol, but when you're drunk it feels fuckin goooood.
  20. rum and coke is good...I dont drink vodka or wine

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