Never Ask A Pervert

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Claude Balls DV, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Never ask a pervert anything.

    I have a friend who was over one day. His jeans were low and I thought I saw something rater more frilly than normal. That's when he hiked his pants down and showed me he was wearing a garter belt. I guess it makes him feel sexy. It's not my style, but hey, God bless him, right?

    So I had to call him the other day. He has a house with seven acres just outside town (that kind of property goes for $80k around here) and uses a tractor to cut the lawn. When he said he was putting weight on a "ball stretcher" I thought it was a piece of power equipment, so I asked what it was.

    And he told me. Apparently he's a member of an S&M or B&D club - damned if I know the difference - and he was assisting some woman in the "ball torture" of her husband by hanging a 5 lb. weight off his lob. Yikes.

    My point is, never ask a pervert an open-ended question if you can avoid it. The very idea of B&D or S&M escapes me - I get enough pain and humiliation at work - but the graphic description left me feeling oogy inside. It really harshed my vibe.
  2. That was me after I watched two girls one cup/finger/pitcher (yes I watched all of them). Eventually you move on but there's really nothing you can do besides go with it in the meantime

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