Never apologizing to SO's siblings

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  1. About 6 months ago I helped my girlfriend's family move out of their home into a different home because there is no other man to help with the physical labor aspects. For about 5 hours I am the only one picking up boxes and moving them into the loading truck, meanwhile my girlfriend's sister would randomly pop out and say, "I'm sick of seeing your face" (I was sweating) "You're a lazy ass bum, get to work or go home" (I'm the only one working remember) and countless other verbal assaults. I ignored all the verbal assaults and did my best to not yell back out of respect for my girlfriend and her mother because this was the first time I met/saw her sister and I was working on making a good impression by working hard for their family. Finally, at the last verbal assault from her sister, I couldn't hold my tongue anymore and sweared and yelled other obscenities back at her sister. Little to my knowledge at the time my girlfriend and her mother were in ear shot and heard everything I said.

    I still do not forgive my girlfriends sister for the complete disrespect I was treated with when I was helping, or do I ever plan on saying sorry. Now my girlfriend says her sister wants to give me a second chance (wtf for??) and wants to go out on a double date with her boyfriend and my girlfriend and I. I told my girlfriend that I am sorry and would really not like to be around her sister at all because I am someone who never forgives or forgets the past.

    Am I wrong for not wanting to go out and see her sister? Am I wrong for not forgetting the past and trying to stabilize the tensions? What should I do or say to my girlfriend? Why should I come out for a "second chance" when I did not start the tensions? Any help guys/gals?
  2. Ehh fuck it dude. Let's grow up and not hold grudges here. Sometimes it's better to let things go even if it will cost you a little pride. You may not like her, but at least try to suck it up for a little and have a nice dinner with the bitch to settle things. Think of it as you giving her the 2nd chance.
  3. ^Winner winner chicken dinner.

    I completely understand that they were disrespectful, especially when you were there working for them...

    but as you said before, you did it out of respect for your girlfriend and cause you obviously care about her. So ignore the fact that her sister said so she can give YOU a second chance.

    At least try to reconcile, squash the beef yo.
  4. Any advice on a fake smile, and keeping things civil? I have little to no respect for that woman, and even being around her will be tough for me.
  5. it is undeniable that what your girlfriends sister did to you was not right...but do you really want her to have a reason to be mad at you too? you should just be the good guy in this situation even though it seems hard or impossible..

    but really its the best option do you think things will end well if you hold a grudge against your girlfriends sister? it wont, things will just get worse and worse and you and your girlfriend don't want that.

    it's in best interest for everyone if you just let it go. theres already one angry person in your girlfriends life, why add another one?
  6. This double date could work in ur favor. If shes a bitch to u on the date, bring up the incident you had with her. Her bf will be wtf.
  7. I will go on the double date only if my conditions are met.
    -She started the fight, she begins the apology.
    -Do not expect me to to go the "full" way to compromise only halfway.

    I will keep a fake smile, and will act very nice and respectful while thinking in my head that I am the better person. Probably will try a movie so I don't have to see her or talk to her that much.
  8. Just ask your girlfriend for anal if you go.
  9. I dont blame you man, you werent the unreasonable one in that situation

    just give it a shot, if the date dont work the best thing you can do is walk away.
    arguing will only make sure she wins

    GA huh? N or S of the ATL?
  10. Maybe it's just because I'm a stubborn person,but I sure as hell wouldn't go.Her calling it a "second chance" is just insulting.

    What exactly did you say to her when you yelled at her?I would have probably called her a dumb cunt and told her to go suck herself.
  11. pretty much that all her time in medical school to become a plastic surgeon will never help her appearance because she is ugly as a fuck.
  12. could she have been possibly teasing you? i know it sounds strange but that's how some people play? also, perhaps her sister has a mild crush on you too? her behavior just seems rather unusual if she just despised you..
  13. Punch that brat in the nose
  14. Nope, it is obvious through her facial expressions that she was genuinely disgusted with me. I tried to rationalize her behavior and the best I could muster was my girlfriend is 20 also the youngest in the family, and her sister is 30. Maybe she is just watching over her sister as if she is still a child. She might be jealous that her own boyfriend didn't help but I did, who knows whatever the case was she is wrong in no matter the angle it is looked at.
  15. Sounds like she is still a child herself.You should have just told her to grow the fuck up.
  16. Anyone have any advice on damage control if I never get apology? Without it I will not go, even though it will make girlfriend teary. How do I logically explain to my gf all this?

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