"Never Again" Didn't Last Forever.

Discussion in 'General' started by AK Infinity, May 27, 2006.

  1. Night Has Come and the Day is Lost in Its Darkness


    11 million people died because of Nazi genocide in WWII.

    I was sitting around my crib today thinking about how lucky I am to be alive. The sun was shining and a scented breeze was gently blowing through the window. My MJ was by my bong and my bong was inches away from me. Sounds pretty good so far right? Well it should be painfully obvious from the photos that my day came to an abrupt stand still when I was treated to a blurb over the television set about the genocide in Darfur. I sat looking at the refugees with such sadness in their eyes and horror in their lives. I put my bong away and spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about why things like this even happen. I know this isn't a simple issue because killing people isn't a simple act but how can "normal" human beings sit back and watch their brothers and sisters being slaughtered and do little or nothing? Does the color of their skin or economic status matter so much that people would rather not be bothered with such unpleasantness?

    I started to think about the phrase "never again" and what that was supposed to mean since genocide has continued unabated since the end of WWII. Here's the body count:

    Bangladesh, 1971 - estimated 3,000,000 Hindus dead
    East Timor, 1975 - 1999 - estimated 200,000 Timorese dead
    Cambodia, 1975 - 1979 - estimated 1,700,000 Cambodians dead
    Guatemala, 1981 - 1983 - estimated 200,000 Mayan's dead
    Bosnia, 1992 - 1995 - estimated 200,000 Muslims dead
    Rwanda, 1994 - estimated 800,000 Tusis and Hutus dead
    Darfur, 2004 - present - estimated 70,000 Sudanese dead

    Talk about a fucking buzz kill and a sobering reality check. Sometimes I get so caught up in my daily affairs that I forget about what's really happening in the world. The holocaust was nothing more than a warm up act. You can't just say never again without the due diligence of the rest of the world's population. If we allow murder to continue unchallenged how much longer until it's in our backyards and in our homes?


    70,000 people have died so far in Darfur.


    This is the punch line.

    Not light fare going into the weekend, but to those people that said "never again," I say don't make promises you never intend to keep because it's genocidal buisness as usual.

    Stay high and stay green!
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  2. you fergot to mention palistine, muslims are being killed by jews
  3. Rep +

    for having more knowledge and respect for life and current events than many many people.
  4. yea but shit like that happens all over the world everyday, some in much larger proportions.

    as horrible as it sounds, i think its a balancing act; not as a cause in of itself, but rather the effect of over population.(please dont flame for this, its just my philosophy)

    i know this sounds horrible but we are over using our resources for our planet. i dont know what the solution is, its definitely not war, but we are still an animal upon this planet and we have to let the weaker species die. this isnt the way to do it, but then again there's no "humane" way really.

    i know this is gonna get destroyed if anyone reads it.
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  5. nah scoobys right. think about it. if no one died from anything other than old age the world would be completely screwed over.

  6. Vice-versa my friend.

  7. Hmmmmmmmmm, genocide as a means to control population growth? Gee whiz and people get mad at Catholicism because they won't get behind condoms. Does prevention factor in? My fear about what you're saying is that people will lose the value of what precious life means. Who's the all-wise person that gets to decide who lives and who isn't worthy of life? There's no doubt about it, we have a population problem, but do we really want to compound a massive problem with another?

    What I worry about most is that among the scores of dead are also a cure for cancer, viable alternatives to fossil fuels, and achieving world peace. Everything is connected so when we decide to turn a blind eye to murder we turn a blind eye to the future, because each dead person is connected to a potentially helpful brain. What to us is a population problem may in truth be a test of our worthiness to live. Everyone can play a role in returning this world to some semblance of its former self.

    I don't know about you scoobydooby67 but how would you feel if someone you didn't even know or meet decided to practice "natural selection" on your family members, would you be able to be so pragmatic then?

    "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations."

    ~From The Great Law of The Iroquois Confederacy~

    Stay green!

  8. 1. dont twist my words

    2. i was only speaking of weaker individuals of our species, or in the case of oppression, individuals of a species that are born into inferior rank. we're a fucking disease upon this planet, there's too many of us.

    3. genocide is the eradication of an entire species. so no, thats not what i was saying.

    4. what dead people are you talking about with brilliants brains? lets take darfur, these people who are malnourished...they go and fucking procreate to make even more malnourished babies.

    Again, this sounds horrible, but the environment in which they lived in the first place wasnt paradise. in order to evolve, weaker individuals must be eliminated from a population. thats how it works.

    if i had thought of an easy way to resolve this, i would have said it in the first place instead of leaving this open for arguement. im just stating my
    philosophy. please dont think of me as the antichrist, this is what makes the most sense to me.


    5. of course prevention factors in. a less suitable individual should not be allowed to live. without medicine, individuals who are more susceptibile to disease die out...leaving stronger individuals.

    6. i think it should be a system that decides, if a person cant survive their malady, then thats whats in store for them.

    the entire concept of medicinal science fucked up nature's balance. we are becoming a virus.

    but this is strictly biological/physical evolution.

    the more exciting/frustrating thing is that physical/mental evolution is merely a choice. an altered perspective.

    it is within our collective govt's grasp to realize the truth. yet they cloud their third eye.
  9. Wow bro, your response wasn't lacking in passion. Cool. I guess my point was, have some heart about your fellow humans. Not everyone gets the opportunity to decide the fate of another, we should be wise about that. Not everyone gets the simple luxuries we take for granted behind our computer monitors and screen names. Lastly, dude it's not always about the big bad government. I'd like to think we chose the road we're walking.


    Stay passionate and stay green!
  10. you're right,

    as much as i hate my country's govt sometimes, i know that i have it (my way of life) about as good as it can get.

    looking at the photos from the holocaust, it makes me appreciate the american way of life so much more.

    think about it,

    being crammed into a cold miserable room with about 100 other people. you are malnourished and depressed beyond words. you have been seperated from your family who are probably already dead. everyday is torture. you wake up every morning wondering if you'll die today and you go to sleep every night wondering if you'll die tomorrow.

    i think the concentration camps are the closest thing to hell on earth.

    and the american way of life,
    never having to go hungry, having posessions that would be considered extremely luxiouryous in most other nations. having a house, air conditioning, heat, running water, indoor plumbing, a bathroom, cable/satelite tv, electricity, and weed.

    i almost wish that i came from a 3rd world country to america so i could have a true appreciation for all that i have because i know that i can't really put the american way of life into perspective because i have been here exposed to this for my entire life.

    people that come from 3rd world nations to america have such a great appreciation for it and have a great work ethic.
  11. i know its not about the big bad gov't. but it is becoming increasingly infused into our everyday lives and its definitely not good sometimes.

    we need to evolve ideas. embrace concepts that havent been regarded plausible.

    the Americas have the resources, we could pay our farmers to feed the world.

    where would we get the money for that? we'd stop sending it to other countries' aid, since it mostly goes into the corrupted leaders' pockets.

    its simple, its a big step, but its different.

    ive got tons more "ideas", but evolution has to be a choice at this point, we are rapidly destroying our earth.
  12. I pray that in a world of "ideas" every man, woman, and child has an equal seat.

  13. damnit,
    all this shit is really pissing me off. world peace could be achieved so easily if people wouldn't stop fucking it up. much of the hatred and killing in our world is generated from religious conflict. when the world will give up these mind controll devices, devices of pure evil if you ask me, that continue to fuel and plague the oppression against humanity.
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  14. vica versa? prove to me that muslims are killing any jews anywhere in mass numbers the way they are doing to them? i went to palistine and saw genocide first hand, they didnt touch me because of my american pasport
  15. Hamas.
  16. In spite of everything that's happened to our world and its inhabitants I still believe we can make a differene if we want to. The world doesn't have to be this way brothers and sisters, we do have some small amount of choice in our destiny. If we give up that choice we give in to despair and surrender ourselves to the ideals of evil men.

    "What is morally wrong can never be advantageous, even when it enables you to make some gain that you believe to be to your advantage."

    ~Marcus Tullius Cicero~

  17. Lol you're smart at life.
  18. fuck em who cares
  19. Well that's nice to hear, so refreshing too, because that sentiment has been echoed by most governments around the world.
  20. In this ocean of midnight brothers and sisters all we have are each other.

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