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  1. Ok now I just got done watching a bit of c-span2 and they were discussing the ballot and the possible outcome of the poll. I am rather displeased at what I saw 90% of the callers apparently were fed information about MJ up the ass. I mean half of what the people said was total and utter BS. Now Im sure you think I am ranting well I am damnitt. I mean I was fed so many lies about marijuana that it is ridiculous, things like MJ is a gateway drug I totally disagree with this statement. I mean afterall isnt it a personal Decision? I mean you dont get high and think hrmm lets go shoot up a few or do a couple of bumps. Well atleast I dont Im quite content with MJ. I will do other things like X and Acid but I choose to do so weed didnt make me do it. Some of the arguments were "Would you want your congressmen decieding laws while stoned?" I was who the hell is this d00d and why is he aloud to speak, common sense would prove there would be limits like there is with alcohol. This caller stuck out mostly because of the ignorange. I think it is kinda strange that alcohol is legal and pot isnt. First of all what is one of the major killers on our roads today? Drunk Drivers! Hell in a country that says you are not supposed to drink and drive you can pull up to an ABC liquor and fine wine store drive up to the drive through and request 1/5 of vodka in a damn drive through. But when I have a stressful day or my knee hurts (I Had reconstructive surgery) I cant fire up a joint or eat a brownie Do you see any reason for this? Well I wanted to post to tell you all in Nevada to get off your asses and go vote make this bill pass the rest of our country and hell the rest of the world is relying on you to be our stepping stone out of this ridiculous prohibition. The USA seems to be the birthplace for most of other countries laws on drugs it seems if the US says so then it must be right, sorry but as much as I love my country it isnt always correct!!!! Now if you will excuse me I am done ranting I need a joint and then Im sure I'll be just fine.

    I saw in someone's sig "Ignorance breeds prejudice" or something to that effect well I couldnt say it better.

    Trippie J
  2. i think mj will become legal within the next 10 years.....there is a wave of reform coming, and its up to us

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