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Nevada MMJ :(

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Malamala, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. I was planning to get my medical card, but after doing some research I found out there are nearly no dispensaries in Las Vegas and the state doesn't allow for the distribution of MMJ only the ability to grow it :(
  2. Only? In my eyes that would be the biggest bonus - legit growing rights.
  3. So grow....or go on a road trip. I'm sure it's legal somewhere in the next few counties.
  4. Its really not even that legit. You can have 7 plants and only 3 are allowed to be mature at a time and I don't really have the time or ability to grow right now :\

  5. I cant really start growing right now and I would have to go out of state to find any decent dispensaries.
  6. Who's talking about "decent" dispensaries? Some weed is better than no weed.
  7. I can get weed that's not the problem. I mostly just wanted a good selection of weed and hash haha. It just sucks that the DEA can raid any dispensary that tries to open up so patients don't have any way other than growing or the black market to get their medicine.

  8. Weed is not weed anymore. I'm from AZ and get very high quality medical marijuana, and there is a huge difference. I won't smoke anything else now. Some shit you get sometimes from the street is just nasty. Full of seeds and stems and gives you a headache and a bad taste in your mouth. Opposite effect of what the medicinal use is for.

    Sorry, I don't live here. Just came to Vegas hoping to pick up some, but looks like I'm out of luck til I get home.
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    If you lived up here in northern Nevada, you'd be able to go across the border to California, to south Lake Tahoe, and they have a dispensary there. Well, you'd have to set up a PO Box there and get a CA MMJ card, but it's less than an hour's drive from Reno. I've been thinking about doing it myself. Worth the drive to me if I could go to a dispensary. Vegas used to have a dispensary on Sahara and Decatur I believe, but it was closed down a few/couple years ago. Don't remember for sure. I used to live in Vegas for many years.

  10. Ya if there was a few places only like a hour away I would probably do it, but there's not :(. There use to be plenty of dispensaries here, but they all got raided.
  11. [quote name='"Malamala"']

    Ya if there was a few places only like a hour away I would probably do it, but there's not :(. There use to be plenty of dispensaries here, but they all got raided.[/quote]

    They got raided cause they were selling. Nv law only allows for growing and giving.

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