Nevada - Court Victory for MMJ & Jobs

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  1. This is just a first step, but it's a good one! Now he needs to get his job back, back pay and maybe even some punitive damages for hardship. :judge:

    High court rules for employee rights in medical marijuana case

    The company filed an appeal with the Supreme Court after a district judge failed to dismiss multiple claims in the lawsuit, according to the opinion published Thursday.

    “Freeman Expositions and Roushkolb both argue that this court should clarify Nevada’s laws regarding medical cannabis in the employment context. We agree,” the justices wrote.

    The justices found that employers must provide reasonable accommodations for workers who use medical marijuana, and ruled that workers have a right to sue if they are fired when a company does not make accommodations. The Supreme Court did not weigh in on what exactly an employer must do to create a reasonable accommodation.

    Attorneys for Freeman Expositions declined to comment on Friday.

    The Supreme Court ruled that the lower court should have dismissed the lawsuit under claims of unlawful employment practices, tortious discharge and negligent hiring, training and supervision, but that the lawsuit should move forward under a claim that Freeman Expositions violated Roushkolb’s medical needs.

    Gabroy said he now plans to argue in District Court that Roushkolb should be reinstated to his position with full compensation and back pay.

    Roushkolb is a former sheriff from Ohio who suffers from chronic pain after he was severely injured on the job, Gabroy said. He also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety, and was prescribed medical marijuana when he moved to Nevada. (snipped)

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