Neutrino receptors

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  1. Can you imagine the possibilities if we developed the ability to utilize neutrinos for wireless technology?

    Current wireless technology is very prone to interference, blockage, and range.

    Neutrinos go through just about everything.

    Cell phones would always have signal. Wireless networks would be better than hardwired networks.

    Possibilities galore

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  2. "I'm not getting enough reception!" *Attaches a mounted antennae onto dick* "Perfect!"

    If we can get dick antennae for the dark zones, i am totally down.
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  3. It's an interesting concept. Though I don't know of a way that neutrinos could carry information besides in pulses.

    Makes me think of the fabled sci-fi instrument the ansible. Used for instantaneous communication between star ships. With our newly found understanding of quantum entanglement, the ansible seems all the more plausible.

    Though I think I may have brought this up with you before yuri hehehehe

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  4. I think they are part of the same em spectrum as radio waves and.infared. probly use the same technology. Binary pulses
    Unfortunatly that Looks iimpossible. Scientists have found that we cannot forcibly entangle particles or use it for information transfer

    So the idea of instant comms with entanglement has been debunked for now untilled we learn
    long time no see!

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  5. Hehehe yes many unknown variables prevent us from completely understanding quantum entanglement but research and development are still growing just like neutrino research so far, though probably more probable at this time.

    I never thought about neutrinos being used as a form of communication and after reading more it's very interesting to me. Especially if we make greater improvements in receptor and detector technologies.

    I only brought up entanglement because my mind is usually flush with science fiction to a point it might be a personal flaw hehehehehe

    Great to read from ya again. Still in havwaii?
  6. Quantum entanglement isn't quite like science fiction/media portray.. I mean, there could be something more to it.. but when they split a molecule and it happens to spilt evenly, the 2 parts typically have similar properties. It would be like if someone threw a baseball at you and you cut it in half perfectly. The 2 halves would still rotate in the same direction and travel the same direction in unison.. almost like there was something holding them together, but in reality.. there isn't. That's pretty much how it is with quantum entanglement.. the 2 halves of a split photon travel in unison for a bit. There might be a force between them at first, but it quickly fades.. and wouldn't be of any use for long distance communication. The idea of particles being entangled across the universe.. where if there was one on Earth and you applied a force to it.. it'd affect another particle instantly that is millions of light years away is just fluff from science media.

    Neutrino communication would be cool.. but we would need to make material that is able to capture and read them.. and once we cross the hurdle, that just means we will be able to figure out a way to block them. It's one of those things that the military will probably use for a generation or 2 until they trickle the technology down to the general public.
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  7. There was a group who created a network system with light.. LiFi. Many times faster than WiFi and can carry a lot more data.. but since it is light, you need direct line of sight for it. So I am sure we will get there with using other particles someday.
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  8. Freaking love reading your thoughts mantikore. Have you heard of the Ansible?

    I've read much about the theories pertaining to quantum entanglement and have come to include myself in a small collective belief that that is the process in which the fictional communication device the Ansible works. It was written about in a few sci-fi novels in the sixties. Most notably in 'enders game'. It was used for instantaneous communication between starships.

    Kinda off to the left of the topic but I just feel that it may be one of those high in the sky fictional literary elements that end up coming to fruition.

    LiFi is pretty interesting just because of the shear amounts of information it can transfer and at the speed of light no less. But like you said it has quite the down fall as to requiring line of sight.

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  9. Gamafi?


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