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Discussion in 'General' started by firewall1, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. i was just looking at my rep number because i seen somebody repped me. and i felt like i should ask you all

    how many neutral reps do you all have XD? i have somewhere around 12 or so now.
    i use to kind of get mad about it. but now ive chilled and realised i dont exactly care about how many little green bars are there haha.

    nowadays i lauph at how many i get in a row.

    what about you?
  2. I have around 10 or so. The Neutral ones are because the person repping you, doesnt have enough of their own, I think.
  3. If I could see them all, I'd tell you.

    But if I had to guess...

    At least 100.
  4. its cuz all these one barred rookies dont know their rep doesnt count for anything until they have 2 bars

    if you see a thread with all noobs posting....I garuntee half of them will say...."+rep" somewhere
  5. Why would you get mad at getting neutral rep?

  6. Very true.

    My neutral to green bars are usually 12/3 out of the 15 appearing. I don't get mad though, it's still someone attempting to do good, you know?
  7. ^ He didn't know it was from people who didn't have enough of their own to give you green.

  8. I was actually referring to this:

    Guess i should have quoted :eek:

    I hate quoting more than once in a post, but i guess this is why i should.
  9. so that's how it works. i have two bars. yay i'm important

  10. only a little
  11. ha! if you didnt care about rep then why are you posting a thread about it? and asking people about theirs?!..

    so yeahh, you still care.
  12. i get so much i think they just figured it out so they go crazy
  13. lol, i get a bunch of those neutral things, i don't exactly know why i get them but they seem pretty good because a good comment is usually posted for them
  14. I've gotten over 40. Probably 50.
  15. i don't know... been getting a lot more lately.
    don't have any exact number for you, or even an estimate...

    fine by me. it's the thought that counts. :)
  16. damn imagine if they was would be hung compared to some other folks...
  17. I checked up user CP and I have 11 neutral reps...
  18. Actually, just because you have two bars doesn't mean you can rep.

    I've gotten neutral rep from someone with 5 bars.

    I think you have to have at least 600 rep points or something.
  19. maybe it depends on how much they rep people?

    and to answer whoever said this. you wouldnt be in this thread if you didnt care. if you truly were care free. you would have seen this as another one of those

    "rep me red or green just to see how much it changes" threads
  20. I have got way to many, but i get like 10+ rep a day or more so yeh.

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