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    my favorite band.if you havent heard of them please,just go listen to one wont at all be disappointed.what do you think of them?
  2. holland, 1945
  3. what about it?:confused:
  4. It's likely that he enjoys the song by that name.
  5. I like them. Jeff Mangum seems like a really out there guy and I'm sad he's not still making music.
  6. That album In The Aeroplane Over the Sea is so fucking beautiful. I always tear up listening to the song Two Headed Boy.
  7. By far one of the most ecclectic bands I've ever listened to. Mangum's voice cannot be simulated. In agreement with Rumandomanism- In The Aeroplane Over the Sea is terribly addictive and seemingly beautiful throughout.

    In the same sort of tone, by chance is anyone into Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, or Cursive?

    I see them all in generally a similar musical vein.
  8. i love me that Neutral milk hotel.

    i was listening to In the aeroplane over the sea a few weeks ago blazed out of my mind and i zonked out. Then aunt eggma blowtorch came on and i freaked out. i didnt know what was happening
  9. i wish i had been here

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jeff Mangum - Engine, 10.19.08[/ame]
  10. Bump.
    I was listing to Airplane today and that fucking album rocks.
    who knew an album about Ann Frank could kick so much ass?
  11. Yeah i basically never knew she could rock so hard
  12. +rep
    oh fuck i just laughed about the holocaust.
    ... my mind travels
  13. I just bought In The Aeroplane Over the Sea on Vinyl. Neutral Milk Hotel is great.
  14. original or reissue?
  15. in the aeroplane was the first vinyl i ever bought, because i loved the art so much.
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    A classic, for sure.

    A few of the guys played at a free concert in my neck of the woods last year. Robert Schneider from Apples in Stereo is actually from here, and all those Elephant 6 bands love to do crazy collaborative live performances.

    Jeff Magnum played for the first time in...forever, but my favorite moment had to be Scott Spillane covering The Gerbils's Lead. Love that song.
  17. Oh Comely was one of the first songs i learned on guitar, such a great band/guy
  18. That has got to be reissue, it was one of last years top 10 vinyl records sold. I envy you. I wish i had that.
  19. I like On Avery Island better tbh. Gardenhead, April 8th, and Three Peaches are great songs. Never really dug the other album, maybe i should give it another try.

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