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  1. do you know anyone that has an medical card for neuropathy? as it worked for them? what changed?
  2. One of my co-workers husband has it. She said he is still on his prescriptions, but MMJ helps the best.
    I think they are still kind of intimidated about marijuana though.... I didn't really talk too much about it with her, since she is technically my boss.
  3. right, she is your boss lol. i also think they aare intimidated by the idea because of what mjs made out to be... it in my opinion is the best prescription for neuropathy i know smeone that has it and id like to gather up as many facts and stories to help her believe me
  4. I would like to bump this thread. I am showing all the signs of peripheral neuropathy and I am only 28 years old. I am hoping that I can still find some quality of life through medical marijuana. Anyone know how this stuff works for managing PN pain? Thanks
  5. i have neuropathy and ever since i used mj for treatment it has allowed me to live a good life  with this horrible wrenching desease,i make myself edibles which really really subdue the pain greatly and when i have really bad bad stabbing piercing pain i smoke to ease pain in seconds. it works believe me
  6. I have it in my feet. Talked to doc and said well till it gets real bad live with it. The meds he said were worse than the neuropathy.
    So I tried some cannabis for some other issues I have and let me tell ya I will not be stopping using anytime soon. I can sleep through the night. Never even think about my feet. GREATEST thing I have ever done for my health.

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  7. Yeah, the nerve stuff I have going on with my feet, the doc basically said she'd talk to me when it got way way worse, because the options were worse than the pain/burning is now.  Now I use a topical as needed, but I need it a lot less now that I take the high cbd caps daily.
  8. Cannabis is quite likely one of the safest and most effective options.

    On the front, it's the safest most non-toxic pain reliever that can offer mild relief through smoking/vaping, or very strong relief through concentrates/potent extracts.

    In the secondary... Consider that cannabis has very strong free radical/oxidative stress/damage reducing potentials. The research behind recent medical application patents illustrates that cannabis can be used to treat all conditions related to oxidative stress which includes cancer and most conditions/diseases that plague our people today.

    It especially includes neuro degenerative conditions which are largely associated with oxidative stress/damage.

    For many reasons i personally believe if you could supply the body with a consistent and potent enough dose of cannabinoids via cannabis , you may go past pain relief and potentially reverse some or all of the condition itself. You may have to utilize concentrates/extracts to reach this potency. I would look into badkittysmiles many posts showing her medicinal extract recipes, which may include a RSO type concentrate using food grade solvent instead of naptha.

    Of course this all goes hand in hand with dietary protocol to support healing. Basically, mostly raw/vegan plant based, skip processed food and most starchy carbs, take in healthy fats and omega 3s, lots of pure spring water etc.
  9. I wanted to add...

    If you do try to reverse your condition, please report back. The community (overall not just here) could benefit from the insight.

    As with cancer... Many not in the "full" know, readily reach for cannabis to alleviate symptoms with their hospital treatments, the toxic chemo and what not. For pain and nausea. Great idea!

    But the research has confirmed what people have believed for years : that a consistent and strong enough dose of cannabis (cannabinoids + terpenoids + flavonoids, not just one single compound) can literally treat the disease itself, not just the symptoms.

    The action against oxidative stress also means anti aging. So it is not impossible that it could potentially restore enough function to blood lines to begin reversing neuropathy, in similar action to how it treats some of the neuro degenerative conditions.
  10. Hi,
     I am currently using MMJ for neuropathic pain. I have found that it helps to control the pain for the most part. I still get the "zaps" and I still use Percocet, but my pain is more manageable. I am not in a medical state however.
  11. My hubby has neuropathic pain. Smoking or vaping just takes the edge off. Edibles work MUCH better! [​IMG] There are usually a half dozen or more  "magic muffins" in the vegetable crisper.
  12. I have neuropathy in my feet, the meds the Dr has given me are worse than the burning pain. I wish Florida would get MMJ so I could be prescribed a high CBD strain....
    Oh well, I'm sure the legislators have my best interest at heart, not wanting me to get addicted to cannabis.....fuckheads.
  13. I also have neuropathy, from having diabetes for almost 50 years.    Six years ago, I applied for a CO MMJ card, and was approved.  At that time, prior to cannabis, I was taking pentagabin (aka neurotin) - which did take the edge off the nighty barrage of pin pokes.  But since it operates on the GABA receptor, it causes drowsiness.   Vallium and Xanax also operate on the GABA receptor - duh! Once I began to smoke at bedtime, I could sleep soundly.  Eventually the neuropathic symptoms stopped - as if it never exitsed.
    Later I took a break from smoking, and a week into the "break", the neuropathic pains were happening.  Two weeks later, and it was BAD again.  BTW, I was having pizza with another person who was a pilot, who flew a raid against a mountain marijuana grow.  I told him the neuropathy was back after I quit smoking, and he asked "Oh - it does really work?".   The marijuana does work, and if caught early (like mine), you can return to normal, as if you didn't have neuropathy!   It works!!
  14. Edibles and homemade tinctures seem to work the best for me. I constantly have to stay ahead of the pain or it can hit me like a "whammy."

    Try to stay away from opioids. I had major heroine withdraws, like you see in the movies. Come to find out that opioids make nerve pain worst.. Or something like that. Maybe it works for some people.

    Indica edibles seem are good for my body.... But not for my "To Do List."

    Cannabis helps ease the pain and it helps coping with the pain from the psychological aspect.

    Valium work pretty decently. I try to avoid taking any pharmaceuticals on regular basis. I found that if I take a Valium, then lightly vape works great. I usually can get 4 to 5 hours of relief from that. It sometimes knocks me out though. It really depends what my body decides to do.

    Neurontin is also some bad stuff. Every doctor told me to get off that stuff ASAP, if I can.

    Menthoco - How long did it take for your pain to go away?

    I have other stuff going on. So, neuropathy is side effect from the root cause.

  15. Monkey55 - I think the pain faded in a short time, maybe a week or two?    First time was in 2009, and the second was 2012, and I didn't keep records.  I know the doctors tend to blame everything on type-1 diabetes, but I'm not fully convinced the nerve pains were "diabetic" neuropathy.   For a few years prior, I ate weird diets, which I also stopped.   Whatever the cause, as long as I am consuming MMJ daily, the pains only rarely act up - I could count on one hand, the number of pains per month.  I was fortunate to catch it before it got bad - I'm not numb, but only have reduced sensation.  I used to take opioids for neuropathy and arthritis, but not anymore. 
    I prefer edibles, especially ones that have large amounts of CBD.  I found one edible (Harlequin bar from Gaia Garden Group?), which worked great, but was discontinued due to labeling laws in Colorado.   Now I eat either roasted harlequin bud with olive oil, or a mixture of Sozo (hi CBD) and some hi THC strain (all roasted).    Surprisingly, having hi CBD, with almost no THC doesn't produce sleepiness, but rather improves mental clarity and the energy to do things.   My diabetes doctor seems amazed I'm doing so well, but I haven't told him of the MMJ :)   The wife & I go hking often for our health, and will log 10-20 miles in an active week.
    If you are diabetic, I would advise the low "AGE" diet (Advanced Glycated End-products).   Those AGE compounds produced from browned and carmelized BBQ meats, are highly inflammitory, and would increase my neuropathy and joint pains!  Here's a link about the diet and book:  
  16. I'm glad that you were able to catch it way ahead of time.

    I'm going on 5 fives with trying to find out what's going on with me. It's all autoimmune related. This they know. As you probably figured out, many doctors like to push pills.

    That's interesting that you say that about sugar. I've always known about the negative effects of sugar. I always watched my intake. Since consuming cannabis on daily basis, I naturally stopped craving sugar. I'm sure someone around here probably can explain why. I just go with it. Oh yeah, I rarely drink anymore. I used to homebrew beer all the time.

    10 to 20 miles a week is pretty active.

    Oh yeah.. I remember my wife telling me that sugar lowers the immune system.

  17. don't click the "old couple does the babysitter" on that web site, looks like a hacker added spam....
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    I have secondary raynaud's phenomenon which causes tingling / neuropathy sensations. I will also attest that the Rick Simpson style hash oil works better than me taking dabs all day. Something about eating it makes a huge difference.

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