Neurons To Nirvana

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  1. I am not typically one to go around advertising something, and believe me I'm in no way related to this. However, I think it's time that we start to expand the availability of the information of drugs, both the safety and the usefulness in our society. I am badfish45 from bluelight and working on that site and having my own personal experiences in the world of drugs has made me realize their potential to be tools or potential evils, when used in an uneducated fashion. I believe that this movie really has a chance to change things, change the light that has shone on psychedelics, including cannabis and MDMA. This kick starter campaign has 13 days left to achieve its goal and I really think we can do it. Check out the trailer for yourself, check out the videos they already have posted and then decide for yourself to see why this video can be a great tool for our society. 
    I'm not affiliated with this campaign in any way besides though my own personal donation.


  2. I just caught this movie yesterday on Netflix, it blew my fucking mind. For an hour and a half they describe totally what my high experience is. The wild mental trips, being able to see where you're fucking up and try to fix it, the oneness of the universe, all of it. Excellent flick.
  3. Watched it when it first came out. Amazing content.

    I never brought it up on here bc I thought it'd get censored. There's a pretty strong (any street drug but marijuana is not cool to talk about) policy here.

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