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  1. For anyone interested, I highly recommend reading Timothy Leary's comic book, "Neurocomics". I have uploaded it here so feel free to download and read them. I'd like some comments on your opinions on them.

    I personally love the first 8 pages. I especially agree with the idea that we're "only halfway to where we're going". Also looking at the picture of the guy, I finally found the soul! It's literally your brain and nervous system. Our bodies are just vehicles for our "self". Your "self" is your brain & nervous system, or your soul if you prefer that word.

    I also find the 7th picture (one about calcium & amoeba) fucking hysterical. I think it's an awesome awesome and amusing analogy. I feel that psychedelic "drugs" will be the springboard for human intelligence / brains into the next step of the evolutionary process. They're such a powerful tool and when used correctly I feel can be unbelievably insightful. I just think this will take a couple more hundred/thousand years. :( The present day sucks, I want to be in the future!
  2. I'm downloading the comic now, but you realize that your avatar (Hunter Thompson) disagreed with alot of what Leary taught about psychedelic drugs. Maybe their a step stool, but they aren't a ladder.
  3. No, I didn't know Hunter S. disagreed with Leary. I haven't come across much of what he thinks about Timothy. However, I still think both are awesome people. Basically my two heroes. Timothy more so because he accomplished more than Hunter S. did, in my opinion.

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