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  1. Day -1:


    Starting up grow #2, my first hydro grow. I'm using a 30-gallon tub, 6 CFLs, and a 150w HPS. For vegging the CFLs will be (26wx6=156) white CFLs, for flowering they will be (40wx6=240w) warm CFLs. Theres also a 13w blue LED light thrown in for kicks. I'll be upgrading to 8 CFLs pretty soon.

    I'll be getting clones tomorrow or the day after, something indica depending on whats available. They will be grown in 5" netpots filled with hydroton using the Lucas formula. My 400cfm exhaust fan isnt here yet, but will be by the time I turn on the HPS.

    Pics attached, comments welcome.
  2. Where can i buy a Y piece like you have for the lights? It will be useful later on for my grow.
  3. It is actually 2 little y thngs. You can get them at Homedepot or any hardware store
  4. Sweet, I was thinking about getting some mylar when I realized that the emergency blanket I have is 100% mylar. Hell yea! =D

    Edit: Further, it is perfect to within an inch to cover all but the door and a 6 inch patch of wall used for electrical stuff. Perfect! This has to be a good omen for the grow, haha. (Sorry about the pic being sideways)
  5. Day 2:

    Ok, woke up early and checked on the babies. Three have perked up noticeably, reaching for the light. One is still dragging its leaves, but it managed to drag them around to face the light, so thats something. I expect it will perk up soon. I got them from a medical dispensary around here.

    All of the clones had visible roots in the bottom of the rockwool when I started. I cut off the plastic around the rockwool, is this the right thing to do or does the plastic not even matter? The damned exhaust fan's delivery got rescheduled to the 5th, so I'm using a huge whole house fan to blow fresh air into the room.

    Lighting is running at 20/4. Yes 20/4, I want to save a little bit of power, but dont want to lose 6 hours of light. The lights are off from 2am-6am.

    Im looking forward to this strain, sweet tooth. I read it once won the cannabis cup. Although I doubt this is that exact strain, its probably pretty damned good. :smoking:

    I'm going to Power to the Peaceful in SF on the 8th, cya there

    - NetworkGuy
  6. The wilted one didn't survive my first DWC learning hurdle, I had to RAISE the water level, not lower it. After following rumpleforeskin and a few others advice to raise the water level the other plants perked back up. Not so much for the last one.

    Oh well, do you suppose 3 plants will be able to fill the 6 sq ft canopy or should I replace the plant and make it 4 plants again? I'm leaning towards 3 plants with plenty of topping, and maybe a little super cropping.
  7. 3 is good, 4 is good too. u should fim those clones for sure, get them nice and bushy. maybe use a scrog technique to screen and green it. that would keep them low and if i tie them down a bit, u could have 4 i bet. that is my opinion. its easy and cheap
  8. Pulled a seedling out of soil and set it up with some rockwool and put it in the rig. So I have 3 smallish sweet tooth ladies, and one unknown bagseed baby.

    The bagseed allready has its roots in the nute solution. No roots showing on the others yet, but soon. I thought about doing a scrog, we'll see when the time comes. I have to swap the reservoir out at the change to 12/12 so the screen would be difficult
  9. you can always siphon or hook up a small fountain/pond pump to drain it out..

    SCROG is real nice. and if you veg for any respectable amount of time your going to have to change solutions before 12/12 anyway.

    I change mine at least every 6-8 weeks reguarless, often sooner. but i run my veg cycle pretty long,, hell i run my flower cycle long too :)
  10. I'm on a schedule, must finish grow before fall semester ends. I think we'll clear it with room to spare, but I dont want to push it by vegging TOO long, heh. Heres some pics of the grow atm. The little one is the ex-soil plant, and the one laying prostrate on the towel is the wilted one, of course.

    I just got the exhaust fan in the mail today. It has a weird plug, so I'll have to swap out the plug before I can use it. Its a jenn air hood exhaust rated at 400 CFM, should be more than enough for my room.
  11. if your worried about time start 12/12 in a week or two ;)
  12. Rgr, thats the plan. 2 weeks of veg, starting when the roots hit the water, then to 12/12.

    Got the fan today, and after a little TLC and a new power cable it now sits ticking along exhausting to the attic. I dont need to leave the closet door open anymore, =)
  13. also:

    put those CFL's right on top of your plants, almost touching (hell i let my plants touch my floro tubes as long as they arent blocking light for other plants).. get your HPS up and running as soon as possible (assuming some root system is established, it can be small, just has to be there) that will greatly speed things along..

    I only use CFL's for clones and moms
  14. my CFL's burn the hell out of my leaves if i get within a 1/2 inch...
  15. his are 26w, mine are 20w

    what are yours?
  16. There are 3 40w CFLs in there, and 3 26w. I just saw the first root coming out on one of the plants. Maybe the others will catch up tomorrow so I can fire up the HPS.
  17. turn it on now, about 2 feet from the top of the plants,

    lower it 6" every day till your as close as you can get with it still covering all 3 plants (make sure you have a small fan blowing across the plants, angled slightly upwards to move heat away from the light and promote stem strength)

    move the light up as your plants grow, but keep it as close as possible, while still keeping heat/overnight growth in mind.
  18. Fired up the 150w HPS this morning, set at about 3' above the plants. Ph was at 5.7, TDS was at 505. Still just the one root showing, but it grew about an inch overnight so I'm very sure the others arent far behind. The root on the seedling seems to have grown a little, but I could just be being overly optimistic. It isnt dying at least, so maybe it will take to the transplant after all.

    Peace out,

  19. Ph at 5.9 now. Roots are showing on two of the clones now and the transplants roots are starting to branch out. The last plants roots shouldn't take much longer.


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