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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toketillyachoke, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. anyone ever hear of it its the shit u can dl things called roms witch are basicly games to play on it. like i could dl the rom for mario and play mario you all should check this out just do a search for nestical on yahoo heres a good rom site
  2. Thats pretty cool... I played a few old school nintendo games I haven't played in years... Too bad you can't play Mario though. I'd really like to find Super Mario 3 and play it for some reason...
  3. Just do a search, I've been playing roms for years. Super Mario 3 is DEFINATLEY out there. Just search on a search engine for Super Mario 3 Rom for an Emulator.
  4. emulators screw up ur comp faster then the new worm virus NEVER USE ANY EMULATOR NOT EVEN IF U MADE IT
  5. Emulators do not screw up your computer ... that is for sure. I've had emulators on my computer now for the past three years, and never ever had a single problem with them infesting my computer with anything, or disrupting its normal procedures.

    There are a lot of infected programs around the internet today, and people who share these programs usually end up fucking up their computers. As long as you get the Emulator and roms from a reliable sorce there should not be a problem.
  6. Oh man, I've had nestical for about 2 years now.
    I love Contra and Dr. Mario.
  7. ya emulators are good shit. and there is mario 3. they even have emulator for gamecube now, but it can only play one game without messing up, and you gotta have a really good computer.
  8. everytiem i get a emulator its fucks up my system
  9. I have every single Nintendo and Super Nintendo game on 2 different discs that work in my Dreamcast! Best shit ever!!

  10. Maybe you don't have very good hardware, or the place you download it from is infested with viruses. Try and check out some AV software.

    thats some can i do this??

  11. that could help, I forget what the regular nintendo one is called exactly but it runs smoother(perfect) than the dreamsnes.
  12. I used to run emulators and play roms all the time. It was fun stuff.

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