Netgear Router keeps resetting itself

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  1. So, I have a netgear router (I can't remember the product ID but can get it if you want) and it was working fine up until about a week ago. And I've only had the router for a few months.

    Anyways, it started acting weird one day so I pushed in the little pinhole thing on the back of it which I thought was the reset button. It is a reset button...reset to factory apparently. It stays on for about 15-20 mins before resetting itself, and then it works for another 15 or so minutes. After about an hour the intervals keep getting closer together until its resetting itself every 2-5mins.

    I checked for updates on the Netgear website, but there's none for my router. And it feels warm, but not hot to the touch, so I don't think its overheating. I'm really hoping its just a setting that messed up when I supposedly "restored it to factory settings."

    Anyone have some suggestions? Trying to avoid calling the ISP and having to buy a new router.

    TL;DR: Netgear router keeps resetting itself, no firmware updates available, don't want to call ISP or have to buy a new router. Reset intervals get closer together after an hour.
  2. check to see if that reset button got jammed (but honestly i don't see this being the case..)

    this actually happened with my netgear modem/router combo. we rent the equipment from our ISP and i told them it was a security risk and they replaced it for me. not sure if you have this options as well..

    maybe try unplugging the power and plugging it back in? lol

    good luck.
  3. Yeah, we're "renting" ours too. I checked, its fine. I tried unplugging and replugging it back in like three times and no luck.

    It stayed on all night though without resetting once o_O So idk. Maybe its just high or something and fucking with me.
  4. If you've verified the button wasn't stuck, try flashing the firmware (even with the current version that you're on).

    Or if you're renting it from your ISP let them know and have them send you a new one. Why don't you want to call the ISP?

  5. I ended up calling them anyways :rolleyes: They're coming monday with a new router.

    I didn't want to call them because I didn't want to wait, I just wanted to fix it myself and have instant gratification because I'm an American :p
  6. LOL fair enough, reading back on it that was a stupid question, who the fuck wants to call their ISP? :hello:
  7. Eeeesh... no, don't flash firmware on a dying Netgear! It may well crash during the flash and you'll brick it. I did that with one of mine, several months went by before I found a website that showed how to hack the internal serial console with a MAX232 chip, then I configured it to read its firmware from a network location, booted it to a similar TRENDnet router's firmware (Netgear's is encrypted and unbootable), then used that to flash the Netgear firmware (sure is fun seeing a Netgear router calling itself a TRENDnet). tl;dr: DON'T FUCK WITH THE FIRMWARE RIGHT NOW.

    Now let's ask the necessary questions. First: is it overheating? If you leave it powered off for 10-15 minutes (to cool down to room temp), then power it on again, does it still reset after the same amount of time? If it's not overheating, it'll reset in the same time period (because now it'll be cooled off). If it IS overheating, it'll last longer this time, then go back to "normal" rebooting again.

    If it's NOT overheating and still resetting, it's likely that someone on your network is running some P2P program (BitTorrent, Frostwire, etc) that makes a fuckton of connections and swamps/crashes the router (which must maintain each of those hundreds of connections). Unplug all but your own computer (and turn off wireless if possible), and see if it still crashes.

    If it IS overheating, go warranty it with Netgear. It's important that you check that it is an overheating problem first, though, because if it's a P2P problem, you'll just end up with the same problem again.
  8. My network is private so no one else but my mom (who doesn't use any P2P programs) can't use it.

    The router does feel warmer than usual sometimes. But I've unplugged it and it really doesn't do anything. Sometimes it resets itself every 2-5 mins, sometimes every few hours. The other night I was on for 5 hours during the middle of the night and it didn't reset once.

    They're coming tomorrow to replace it though, hopefully that will fix it. If nothing else, nothing wrong with getting a new router.
  9. Wait. "They're" coming to replace the router? Kind of a foreign concept to me... why would you have someone come out to replace your... like... blender or toaster oven, or your MP3 player? A router's just a piece of consumer hardware... who's going to come out to replace it? o_O
  10. I had the same problem with my netgear.

    It was one of the little white ones. You can get a good one for like 60 bucks. try to find a netgear dual band router. they're good.

    [ame=] Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router WNDR3700: Electronics[/ame]

    But sometimes when the router isn't sending a strong enough signal the computer will drop it and be like fuck it. With mine I would have to reset the router and cable modem together and it would work maybe 15 mins before it started sending garbage signal. It was usually like around 75 kb/s download speeds which isn't enough to do much at all...

  11. He's renting the router from his ISP...

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