Netflix tore my heart out

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  1. I had two stoner movies I always watched on there Super High Me and High Road and now they are gone!! I reactivated my Netflix just for those two movies and now they are gone :'( I've looked through them all and I don't really like the other movies. And I've seen all the documentaries
  2. there are other sites you can find them try hulu
  3. this is why I just torrent
  4. I tried and it kept saying I needed a hulu plus account and I don't want one
  5. you can watch basically any movie online for free. just google it.
  6. im pretty sure super high me is even on youtube at this point, doug benson gives 0 fucks if stoners watch that for free, he made it for us. 
  7. check out best movie ever rolled w/ doug benson you should like it
  8.  You're welcome ;)
  9. GOD HAS ANSWERED MY PRAYERS lol sorry I'm actually not religious at all but ur name...I just had to haha thanks
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    How can an angel not be religious... SIKE, that's some corny bullshit right there. But anyway, off the spaztrain, no probs. Nowvideo is good if you can find a link for it.
  11. haha that was so cheesy. Thanks for the info though
  12. Aha no probs, half my life seems to be watching movies xD
  13. ugh omg same. I have like 2 friends and they both are broke and carless and they don't like weed soooo I have no one to chill with :(
  14. Aha, I have friends to hang with but they work, I don't, so most of the day is just spent watching films and getting high. Life could be a lot worse :D
  15. I know a lot of other people but I'm not as close with them so if I try to hang out with them its just weird I have 2 main people I associate with. I can be very introverted so that's why.
  16. Yeah, I only really have three really close friends, they're more like brothers I've know them pretty much my entire life. Everyone else, it's just not as easy to chill with and I have a hard time trusting people so I'm not really my self around them, kinda sucks but oh well, it is what it is
  17. I'm the same way! It does suck but sometimess its for the best. Keeps me from getting in trouble so I can't really complain, my life could be worse
  18. idr how long ago it was (like 2 years maybe?) netflix took like ~200 things off, and i think they were periodically removing more. i forgot why //: the reason i even know this is because cruel intentions was taken off too and i had the exact same feeling as you did, lmao. but if you like stoner shit you might wanna watch broad city :smoke:
  19. Agreed, I had a whole load of "friends" who I made sure I ditched when I moved, just kept getting me in shit and acting like they gave a fuck, so I just said "Toodlepip, fuckers" and left, not worth the drama sometimes. 
  20. haha toodlepip? Wow my new favorite word. But yeah I understand. I've moved around a lot so I never kept "friends" around for long periods of time also because they just never showed to care a whole lot and were very very feckless and I couldn't handle it.

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