Netflix or Hulu Plus

Discussion in 'General' started by Piff91, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I'm thinking of subbing to one of these but idk which one to go with. I just wanna use it on my ps3/360, laptop, phone, just chilling blazed to watch movies and tv shows. or if there is any better service
  2. I'll sub to this thread. I'm gonna choose one or the other soon, just want folks' opinions first!
  3. Have both and huluplus sucks IMO. Pay for Commercials and some have a crazy ass crackling skipping sound on my girls Wii.
  4. I have netflix, i fucking love it. i dont even watch TV anymore... its also real cool to switch devices and be at the exact same part of the movie...

    Never check out hulu plus. seemed like BS
  5. Netflix. Without a doubt. I've had Netflix for 3 years. Best paid service I've ever paid for.
  6. Netflix. I don't watch tv anymore either lol
  7. Definitely Netflix. In my opinion, the television shows really make it. Some of the movies are lack luster, but I honestly love just smoking and picking out some crazy movie I've never heard of.

    Also, if you subscribe to HBO you can stream it through all of the consoles too. Great shows too.
  8. I have Nexflix & most of the movies are direct to video & Hollywood releases that are 20/30/40 years old.
    The new release movies are pretty lame but some of the TV shows are good & so are the old movies.
    It's a relatively cheap service, you get what you pay for.
  9. Only thing netflix is good for is tv shows. So if you were expecting to use it to watch lots of movies too, then only expect to find like 4% of the ones you wanna watch. As for tv shows, it is great. Me however, I'm more of a movie person. I do watch tv shows but not too many, so netflix isn't really my thing. But its definitely not a bad service at all. For $8, its worth it
  10. Hulu for most recent shows and netflix for older shows. I say netflix.....
  11. If you don't mind the price go with the netflix with DVDs. Then you have anything and everything.

    I switched (like most of the other customers) to stream only when they hiked the prices but the TV selection is great. Movies are hit and miss.
  12. Netflix

    90% of the shit on hulu plus is just that. Shit. I had it for the free trial period and canceled it before it could charge me.
  13. I have Netflix on my Roku and X360. Pretty much never watch satellite anymore.
  14. I have really enjoyed netflix, they have some really different movies and shit on there. Only issue with Netflix is they are just now coming out with decent movies
  15. Lol why get either when there are free websites on the internet that have 1,000,000 times more to their catalog?
  16. Netflix,I tried Hulu but the commercials get annoying.
  17. [quote name='"Demiurge"']Lol why get either when there are free websites on the internet that have 1,000,000 times more to their catalog?[/quote]

    They are getting shut down like daily now... ahaha, most of it is just virus's on your computer, unless you've been using a torrent for years n shit.

    I don't risk downloading any torrent on my grandmothers mac :laughing:

    Its sad could find decent sites w/o having to download. I can't even find workaholics ;.;.

    On another note, netflix is good but its sortve goin' downhill, they take off movies n shit, they only have season 1 of workaholics....
  18. I've been using the same website for years. Never got a virus once. And lol who downloads anywhere. It's 2012 we have streaming now.

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