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  1. Just a thought for a new thread. For the many of us with netflix and the glorious watch instantly. List all the good movies and tv shows that are courrently able to watch instant!

    Smiley Face
    Weeds season 1-5
    Cheech and Chong Nice Dreams
    Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke
    Cheech and Chong Next Movie

    All that i could think of right now, but add on!:smoke:
  2. Weeds seasons 1-5, just finished those the other day, cant wait for season 6 pop up on netflix. :D
  3. Haha yeaa man that show is awesome i love weeds!!
    Some more:

    The Office season 1-5
    Arrest Development season 1-3
    The Union
    A bunch of South Park seasons
    A bunch of Futruama seasons
    Dave Chapelle seasons
    How high
    Fast times at ridgemont high
    When You're Strange (The Doors documentary narrated by Johny Depp)
    How High
    Family Guy seasons
  4. Can u watch netflix on the ps3 Internet?
  5. I love how I dont need a disk for my Xbox unlike PS3 and Wii!

    The Union
    Arrested Development
    Dexter (I actually need to watch this, I just know its good and my sister talks about it alot)
    Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
    Monsters, Inc

    there are so many hidden jewels on there, I love it.
  6. Weeds
    Prison break
    The crappy horror movies
    South park
    King of the hill

    Hulu is pretty cool also.

    And anyone who hasn't watched modern family, needs to do so asafp.
  7. Troll 2 mother fuckers!

    If you haven't watched it yet or heard of it. Light up your bong and watch it you will laugh so hard at how bad it is.
  8. skins volume 1 + 2, it's this british show and it's awesome. think degrassi but in england and with a lottt more weed
  9. I felt like making a thread about this the other day cause I was so pumped when i realized I had all these free movies on my new xbox. Watch the documentary Cocaine Cowboys shit is sooo legit about the people who were moving mass amounts of coke through Miami in the 70's and 80's.

  10. haha i tried to watch that but i couldnt get through the first episode. maybe ill give it another shot. try to watch the it crowd, it an office setting. its pretty funny

  11. omg that shit was rated the worst movie of all time
  12. Yeah that is why it is entertaining. It is funny bad.
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    Mystery Science Theater 3000
    Nip-Tuck (Addicting)
    Delicatessan (Great Movie)
    SLC Punk
    Full Metal Jacket
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    All of the IMAX series
    Dead Snow (Nazi Zombies.. fuckin hilarious)
    Pen & Tellers Bullshit
    Dead Like Me
    Man vs. Food (Mmmmm)
    King of the Hill
    Invader ZIM
    Reno 911

    I got a lot more things but ill save the space :)
  14. invader zim!!! hahah that show was the shit
  15. Thank you OP. It's so frustrating looking up your favorite movie only to see it's disk only. -_- I wanna watch it now, not 3 days from now..

  16. I hear they are going to do away with the whole disk thing soon. Does kinda suck, the disk does nothing at all (I know because mine is cracked in 3 places and can still watch instant)

    My faves on NetFlix:

    Heroes - until it got boring
    Weeds - until it ran out, then I had to start On Demanding them (then recording w/ DVR)
    Moon (pretty trippy)
    The Union
    Brian Regan (any) - Hilarious it

    and recently I started watching Dexter (on S1.E4)

  17. Sony confirms disc-free PS3 Netflix for US this month -
  18. dude SLC Punk is one of my favorite movies of all time
  19. Here are some more

    Dont be a menace
    The jerk

    The jerk is definitely one of my favorite steve martin movies its ridiculous lmao

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