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Discussion in 'General' started by DemiseInDisguise, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Alright, so for a while I have been considering signing up for Netflix. I decide to check the price, and it's 17 bucks a month for three movies, unlimited exchanges. I know Block Buster does something of the sort, but they don't have anywhere near the variety of Netflix.

    Are there any alternatives, or should I just stick with Netflix? And does anyone here use Netflix? How reliable/great is it?
  2. <---Netflixer.

    Three movies type of dude.

    It is great.

    Hell, I'm catchin' up on shit like House before the new season comes out.

    Takes about...four or so days once they get your DVD to have it in your Mailbox.

    Like, you mail it and the dude picks it up.

    Four days later, ya got your shit.

    Enjoy your Netflixin'.
  3. You should also check out greencine.

    They are like the indie version of Netflix and carry some things Netflix doesn't (like p0rnz). They also have nice community features.

    And check out their post recent poll! "Best Stoner Movie?"

    My vote was for "Smiley Face", though I do love the other movies listed. I just really enjoyed that flick because of the female stoner heroine :)
  4. Dunno about anyone else, but when I was with Netflix I got cracked and scratched DVD's all of the time.

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