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Nervous to smoke more. Help blades?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Night Drifter, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. I really want to get over this. I'm nervous to surpass a certain high intensity level. I usually smoke about .2 of dank out of my bong, usually of heavy indica and I get an intense body high wear where I feel a warm pulsing feeling but also I feel kind of numb. It's weird I'll be like walking around my apartment and all of a sudden be in another room and I didn't even feel myself walking there. I want to be able to smoke endlessly without fear of getting too high and feeling overwhelmed and having a panic attack. I've had quite a few of them. Any advice fellow blades? I want to get over this irrational fear.
  2. I'm stoned right now so I forgot to mention that back in the day I used to be able to smoke non stop and I never experienced a panic attack for years until one day I started having paranoid highs then I started worrying about my body and shit. Total hypochondriac shit. So I quit for a while. Now it's like once I feel that strong body high coming on I start to get anxious like something bad is happening or something wrong is happening to my body when it's like duh fucker you just smoked some top shelf kush of course your body is gonna feel fucked up. I'm trying to just accept it and enjoy it like I used to but being afraid to smoke bowl after bowl really fucks with me. Makes me feel weak and a pussy.
  3. well you kinda answered you owned question for step one I don't know how one would do it as im not phycology person or what ever the hell there called but that fear anxiety crap is all you and when your stoned you over think and make a big mess out of it so the first step is to stop giving a fudge about what any one may think if they notice your high or what ever it is that's gets you going

    and theeeeeen well the only way to get passed the tolerance part is to make a nice waterfallbong and go overboard with it one day at home so that you can get on a whole new level to make the lower levels easier going and controllable so you don't have to worry about tripping out or greening out and stuff
    and yea that's the best I got bud :)

  4. I've had a few panic attacks as well, they're horrible. The only advice I can give you is to begin smoking higher amounts of weed gradually, so maybe you can sort of ease into the cloud 11 feeling, other than that I'm not sure what else to do.
  5. I never think about having a panic attack I just think about how good it is going to feel getting high. If you feel good after you initial high just stay at that level and be happy. The only time I came close to a panic attack was after I over amped on some strong ass edibles but instead I just really rode out a strong and very long lasting high and had fun with it. So what I am saying is I believe it is in your head and if you go in with a positive mindset that you should be good. So quit thinking negative thoughts. Good luck and have fun.

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  6. You wouldn't happen to be 25 are you? :smoke:
  7. Wtf dude. Wtf.

    1. Load bowl.

    2. Premeditate, expect what's coming. You gotta face your fears.

    3. Smoke 1 bowl.

    4. Wait 10 minutes and think about how you feel. How high you are. Are you high enough?

    5. Depending on your answer you will either smoke or put it down.

    That's really it dude. I guess you can just stop being a pussy and chill. Relax and observe. Observe yourself.

    Take it easy

    sent from my brains asshole
  8. the best thing you can do is learn how to manage it.
    i used to get depressed and have panic attacks when i was high, but then I realized that it always happened to me in a bad setting. like, whenever i smoke at a school or a mall, im pretty much guaranteed to get depressed and have a chance of getting a panic attack. likewise, if i talk to someone i dont really like, i.e bad friends, angry people, ill generally get depressed.
    so try to have the best setting possible, maybe invite some good friends over. 
    antoher thing you can do is learn how to navigate bad thoughts. whenever i find myself thinking about death, or sickness, or anything bad, i go to my list of happy thoughts to try to calm me down. For me, a good happy thought, is that scene in helm's deep, where legolas skateboards down the stair on an orc shooting arrow. if I think of that, i usually forget why i felt so worried. you just have to catch yourself before you get too depressed.
    i also have a folder of really happy websites that i can open up whenever im scared. 
    like here are a few good ones

    so in summary, to control your panic attacks, have a good setting when you smoke, and learn to navigate your bad thoughts
  9. try meditation to calm down. 
  10. Haha ik what ur talking about. For me it feels like flutters in my arteries/veins. Its pretty uncomfortable to im starting a t break today. For some reason that always fixes it
  11. Just try moderating your intake. If your stuff is so good that one or two hits is all it takes...then by god, thats all you need to do. Tell any other asshole who calls you a "LIGHTWEIGHT" to fuck off. Its none of their business. Youll feel better the minute you say it....remember to look them square in the eye when you say it.
  12. this except if its really good weed.... in that case take 1 hit and wait a few mins.
  13. I know exactly what you're feeling. If you go into a sesh and you're scared about having a panic attack, you're most likely going to have one. There was about a 2 month span where everytime I smoked I had one. Then I realized it's literally all in my head. Now everytime I blaze I just do something productive afterwards and the panic attacks are gone😀

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